miss out on London marathon



  • good spot ironwolf......

    lets be honest.without the charity runners and the celebrities london would be  a 2 hr race...the crowds and the cameras wouldn't stay after the elite race if all there was was average club runners running....

    they get big sponsorship from that coverage and thats whyt the race is so cheap.......

    the crowds and tv audience would get bored in 5 mins just watching hundreds of sweaty runners cross the line.they watch to see the rhino and the hula hooping girl......and to spot Jordan and her tits..........

    It is what it is.......image

  • So basically Seren, youre agreeing with me that its a charity event masquerading as a running event ........which has been my point since day 1.


  • no its a brilliant race that has managed to incorporate 3 things.........a top elite running race.......a race for good club runners around the country to race each other.........and a chance for charity runners to have a go and to raise loads of money whilst entertaining the crowds.

     and hopefully between them they can inspire others to think that they can have a go

     not many people could organise something that can be everything to everyone .but they have managed to do it all

  • 1) Top elite - Check

    2) Very good club runners - Check

    3) Charity, do it once,never again runners - Check 

    In amongst that, is there any room for the average club runners, you know the meat and potato runners (figuratively, not literally) who make up the vast majority of 'runners' in this country who may want to have a run in their capital city?

    Far from catering from everyone, it seems they cater for the more extreme element while the majority miss out.


  • thgere must be very very few runners who have been a member of a running club running 3 times a week or more for 5 years and who have applied for london every year  and who want to run it that haven't had a place Mr A......


  • What about those who arent members of a running club because they have long commutes so cant fit it into their schedule?



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    In other words you mean you, Mr A.
  • I expect those people haven't got that much time to train anyway, Mr A.

  • Your position really is nonsensical isn't it Mr. A?

    On the one hand, for some reason, despite having one of the worst marathon times on the forum you seem to think you should have been allocated a place.

    On the other hand you don't see the point in running marathons.

    You can't even take a point of view and defend it!

  • I think you'll find 1 hour of balls to the wall, remember to pack your testicles because you'll need them for the kind of workout Mr A does at lunch ........ is plenty enough .....


  • seren nos wrote (see)

    thgere must be very very few runners who have been a member of a running club running 3 times a week or more for 5 years and who have applied for london every year  and who want to run it that haven't had a place Mr A......


    Seren, I haven't had a place yet, but I take your point

  • Could we just create our own charity, and buy a place? cheaper then having to get money for a charity?

  • booktrunk......charities have to wait for years to get the chance for places.the ones who got in early on in the history of it get more i believe,...but all the other charities would all love to get their hands on more places


  • Set up your own running club, charge 50p membership and sign up all your (non-running) mates and family, affiliate the club to UKA.

    Instant guaranteed place each year.

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    Wilkie -- A couple of questions...  (1) How many members does a running club need in order to bag a place at the London Marathon, (2) what constitutes a running club? (as opposed to any individual calling themselves a running club, (3) how does one affiliate a running club to UKA, and (4) do any of the club members need to be affiliated to UKA?  Oh, and (5) how much does it cost to affiliate a running club to UKA?

  • As far as I know (not very) it's the number of affiliated members that counts, each of whom have to pay their yearly subs. Also a friend of mine was involved in setting up a running club a couple of years ago and she applied to affiliate on the grounds that her club served a local need (there was no existing club in the area, and enough people who wanted to be in one). So it seems you don't just turn up and go 'hello, I'd like to affiliate my *ahem* new running club' and they go 'okay, and have a guaranteed London Marathon place while you're at it'.

  • Wilkie: cheers!! The booktrunkers might take wing next year image

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