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I read on a different thread that its best to get a size bigger but I'm not sure if that is from my normal size or Hoka size.

My feet are about 23mm and 23.3mm long (I know my ski boot shell is 23.5 so that fits)

If I use the Hoka sizing - 23.5 is 5.5, or 24 is 6 (but I'm normally a UK 4)

I have a custom insole to put in so does anyone have any experience of these sizes?   I have a wide foot as well.



  • LOL - I mean 230 or 233 

    Must be that Friday feeling image

  • I've just bought some hokas and was a bit concerned about sizing. Using their measurments meant a size 6.5UK which is exactly the same size as my normal trainers but everyone says go up. In the end I managed to get a 6.5 and a 7. I walked round the house for ages in both but opted to keep the 6.5's. I've walked in them for 2 weeks and now just run 3miles. Size is fine. Quite wide feet too. Good luck. They're not easy to find

  • I'm a UK 4.5 but needed a UK 6 in the Hokas, I had no joy putting orthotics in them as the footbed was too curved but I guess it depends what yours are like as to whether they would fit

  • Thanks all

    I've opted for a 5.5UK as I think I just need to try them myself - found a pair on amazon via millet sports so ordered them - I can send them back easily if no good

    To be honest I only really need the orthotics for mortons neuroma as my gait is not too bad so I could find that I dont need them in these shoes - 

    Hopefully they will be here next week image

  • The best tip I got was to go to www.runningwarehouse.com and use their shoe fitting tool. Find the Hoka shoe you're interested in and there's a button to click - put in your current shoe and it'll tell you the closest Hoka size to it. Very good.

    I have tried both the Bondi B and the Stinson Tarmac. The Bondis feel wider but I think I got a size too small - 10.5 UK (I'm normally a 10 UK in every other brand). Went with the UK 11 in the Stinsons and they fit alot better.

  • I go up a 1/2 size in my Hokas compared to normal running shoes - the fit is spot on then.

    most people who wear orthotics dispense with them with Hokas as they find they no longer need them

  • Thanks for that tip!

    It came out at a 5.5 so looks good image

    Will let you all know the outcome when they arrive image


  • I'm not convinced by that shoe fitter!

    it put me in a hoka 5 when I needed a 6, a newton 6 when I needed a 5.5, and a salomon 4.5 when I wear a 5.5!!!! Very strange!

  • They have arrived image

    The width feels good, they are a little bit roomy in the length but about the same as my brooks so I think the size is OK image

    They do feel very comfy, no rubbing seams etc !!

    I will try them again at home later to make sure they arent too big in the length but so far so good image

  • Hello,

    I will run a Brighton Marathon next April and I am looking to buy Hoka One one Clifton.

    My running shoes are size 5 UK.

    Do you think 5.5UK will be my size?

    Many thanks,



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