Challenge will be in a new location next year

The team at Challenge UK has announced that the popular long distance triathlon will have a new home next year, and will be held on the 14th September 2014.

The top secret destination will feature a Challenge Family long distance triathlon as well as a half distance race, with a supporting program of events leading up to race day, including a new Challenge kids event.
The new course will begin with a scenic swim, followed by a rolling two lap bike course, before finishing with a flat, lapped run course; making it a fast course for PBs to be broken.

Challenge UK Race Director, Alan Rose said,
“We are extremely proud to have developed Challenge in the UK from 800 to 1350 athletes over a three year period and would like to thank each and every athlete for their continued support during this time.”

Alan continued,
“Our new partnership allows us to continue our vision of having a premier location, with a local authority and partners who share our excitement and passion to develop and deliver a world class Challenge triathlon event.”

Challenge UK has always been well supported by the UK’s leading endurance athletes. “Iron Couple” Stephen and Bella Bayliss and Challenge Henley champions said,
“The Just Racing Challenge UK experience at Henley has always been brilliant. Well organised and friendly. We can’t wait to race at another Just Racing Challenge UK event soon, we believe it will be a great success wherever it is held.”
The Challenge UK team has been working closely with the new location partners and will make a full announcement on Wednesday 23rd October.


  • Good. TBH Henley never floated my boat and from a lot of the reports/coverage a bit like Sherborne the locals were not really behind it

    i hope they find a place like Tenby where the locals have latched onto its a great earner and give it a realy good level of support

  • Ohhhh exciting.

    Is there any gossip about where they might be going?  Or have they kept it all under wraps?

  • Max - strong rumours say that Tenby won't last past next year sadly

    Henley had a problem with the locals from the off - they never got behind the event and just saw it as more disruption on top of events like the Henley Regatta.  the move was inevitable after the hassles of this year which just broke the camel's back frankly.  I think both parties will be relieved.

    be interesting to see where Challenge end up - I suspect Midlands/Central England as that's the where the organisers, JustRacing, are based (Northants) and where they have existing events - the Beaver is theirs

  • Do you think Wales will end up in Cardiff then, FB?

  • There aren't all that many locations where you could have a 3.8k swim for over 1000 people, even in waves, be far enough away from cities that you can lay on a bike course that doesn't cause major disruption, yet have a large enough local population that you actually get some crowds beyond families and friends of competitors.

  • no idea Mouse - I would take more of a bet on Wales and UK merging to become one event somewhere that's not Bolton or Tenby.   with the number of independent long distance events in the UK now - and it's still growing - both IMs have been ticked now by many and perhaps WTC need to keep the brand interest growing and drawing people in.  

    neither UK IMs have really attracted an influx of foreigners (bar European a/g'ers chasing last minute Kona slots at Tenby) or top names racing, partly due to their "out of the  way" venues, so I suspect WTC need to look at a different slant to get more interest to match their other European big city races like Zurich, Frankfurt etc

  • Based on the local council's attitude to parkrun I doubt they'd want IM, Mouse.

  • CD - that bike course won't be Surrey then....image


  • Actually, London doesn't get may events that gridlock the city - how about a swim in Hyde Park, a 'tour of London' single lap bike route on closed roads that takes in all London Boroughs, and a marathon route down Oxford Street?

  • Heh, we think alike, FB.

  • They need to bring an IM to Scotland!  Plenty of places to hold it image

  • You've got more chance of getting out of a lion enclosure dressed top to toe as Lady Gaga than get permissions for more road closures in Surrey at the mo. image

  • Gutted if Tenby gets binned as it was always on my radar to do again one of the best races i have ever done full stop and tough as old boots as wellimage

  • Happychap wrote (see)

    You've got more chance of getting out of a lion enclosure dressed top to toe as Lady Gaga than get permissions for more road closures in Surrey at the mo. image

    You still chasing sponsors for that, HC?

  • IM Scotland??  that will really appeal to the warm blooded Euro, Yank and Convict triathletes.  I would hasten to say "no fucking chance".....image

    CD - funny you mention London as frankly it's one of the few cities around that could easily be geared up to an accomodate a big city IM.  it's the kind of thing that would appeal to Boris

  • I would love IM London image

  • *cough* IM New York *cough*

  • Yeah but with decent backing (boris) Behind it it could be great olympics, tri world champs

  • It could, FB, but that's what they said about New York.

    I'm not sure Boris would be able to justify all the closures that would be necessary for an event for c. 2000 people when he has enough trouble with the Ride London for 30,000.


  • IM Blackpool?

  • Sorry challenge Blackpool

  • Not to mention that spreading the costs for a London event among far fewer entries than ride london would push entry fees through the roof.

  • Fb.why on earth would they merge IMW and bolton.when bolton has sold out quickly for next year already and Wales has been getting incresing number each year....

    2 successful races.can't see thyem merging....

    a scenic swim.must mean the sea.....or the lake district.but no falt bike courses near the lake district


  • So, hypothetically speaking:

    Serpentine for the swim- slightly stretch the Olympic route to 1900m and make it a two lapper.

    If they can fit a half marathon into the Royal Parks then presumably they can fit a lapped marathon distance while not closing many/few roads

    Wouldn't know where to start in planning the cycle route.  Which way out of London?

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    Fb.why on earth would they merge IMW and bolton.when bolton has sold out quickly for next year already and Wales has been getting incresing number each year....


    then you need to read my post again.  just because an event is successful doesn't mean that it can't be more succesful by moving it - it's called marketing/brand management/business - aka making money.   WTC moved IM France from Geradmer where it was well loved and atracted big numbers to Nice - it's an even more iconic event now as a result.

    Bolton and Tenby just don't figure on radars of foreigners.  Wales ended up at Tenby because there was a group of committed locals willing to put their money into it and make it work - and look what happened to them - they got right royally shafted by WTC.  

    WTC is owned by an investment firm whose goal is to make more money - so anyway they can do that they will.   it has no longer anything to do with athletes - they are just pawns stumping money up to the brand - it's about the brand and leveraging more money from it any way that's possible.  

  • challenge northumerland ... image


  • Challenge Chorlton !
  • Challenge Worcester..?

  • FB.....I appreciate they are all about the money now........and i could understand them changing both venues to more profitable ones..............but where could they hold one event that would attract and cope with 3000 athletes......i would think having 2 really successful ones would generate more money for them...image


    and there is no sign of the itonman bubble bursting yet........even races like nice and lanza are selling out nowadays which was unheard of......

     the vit charged £130 for a half and sold out 1000 places in 1 day/................outlaw sold out in there half and full..........looks like its still going stronger and stronger at the moment


    and its the swim part that counts out so many places............maybe they are going to Bala


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