Who's the racist?



  • you just know that Roy has had it explained to him how someone might construe it as racist, and he's probably sitting there thinking, "ah sh!t yeah...whoops"


    Millsy1977 wrote (see)
    I've never quite understood what "the Society Black Lawyers" are all about.
    You only seem to hear of them when they are trying to blow things all out of proportion and trying to construct a racist incident when there wasn't one in the first place.

    one of those odd groups. Imagine the outrage if anyone tried to set up a "White Lawyers group"



  • JFB wrote (see)

    "There was nothing at all wrong in what he said - unless it's racist to mention monkeys in front of black people under any circumstances"

    What this fails to take into account is the long history of black football players being subjected to monkey chants at games (not so much in this country nowadays, but still abroad).  That's why it was a bit of a daft comment for RH to have made in the circumstances.  I don't suppose he meant to be derogatory, but it was a bit unfortunate.

    No, it's you and others failing to take into account the historical context of the story itself which involves the space race in the 1960s; and associating something which was racist with something that wasn't because the animal in the story happened to be a monkey.

    If you think about it with a sensible head on you'll realise the two things are entirely unrelated.


  • Sussex Runner NLR wrote (see)

    What about Yids? I don't think it was merely mentioning monkeys. It was an analogy where the black man was the monkey. To say he was merely mentioning a monkey in front of him was inaccurate.


    The black man was only "the monkey" because he happened to be playing well on the night. Had Rooney been having a stormer of a game he would have been the monkey. 

    Roy Hodgson could have used the same story with a team of all white players and it would been just as valid. It doesn't - and shouldn't matter that Townsend is black.

    Townsend himself is flattered because he realises that in the analogy it's the monkeys that are important - the astronaut is only there to feed them.

  • I just saw on bbc website that Andros Townsend says (correctly) that Roy Hodgson's words were a compliment to him.

    And Dean's point that it was a black man who Hodgson was mainly addressing with his imploring to feed the monkey...kills the idea of racism stone dead... it should ever have flickered into life at all.


  • Is anyone going to post that Special AKA song from their first album?

  • Surely the real question here is if it wasnt Roy who went to the media, and it wasnt Andors who went to the media ....... and the only people who heard it were the first team and the substitutes .......... who did report it then???? Because someone did.


  • Ellan Iquaniendo?

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  • The whole thing is a pile of bollocks and shows how debased news values in the UK have become.
  • Hello there,  I am an astronaut and felt that my abilities were being questioned in that 'joke' circulated by Mr Hodgson.

    Naturally, given the way things 'roll' these days, I'm suing.

  • Yes it is, only Monday to Wednesdays though.Rest of the time is spent on completing Risk Assessment forms

  • And all the news outlets are guilty of blowing up stories. They isn't enough news to warrant a 24 hour channel and the newspapers are fighting for survival against the new media. So they are busy creating stories to justify their existence. This is a story that should have popped up in a biography in a few years time and been mildly entertaining. Not headline news.

  • I do think the phrase, "a row has erupted" should be replaced with, "a row has been generated". It would be far more accurate.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Controversy and sensationalism. Thats the newspapers for you.

  • Flob - expect a letter from my lawyers any day soon.

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