printing on running vest

I'm running the London Marathon next year for the MS Society. They have supplied an official running vest but I want to get something printed on there. Does anyone know any good places to get this done?



  • they do vest printing at the LM Expo

    you should be able to send off the vest before then and pick up your vest at the expo when you collect your number.

    sorry i dont have a link

  • I used eBay. Do an ebay search of Iron On Shirt Printing. I got my name sent to me and ironed on myself and it only cost a few quid!

  • Iron on stuff you can just buy a kit for £4 at tesco and print it yourself on an inkjet printer

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I did mine at Decathlon and it was cheap and fast (they did it whilst you wait)

  • Thanks everybody. Very useful advice. Cheers

  • JJB - they did it for me as they have all the kit to put 'Rooney' on football kit, etc. Very helpful and only took a few mins.

  • Very Interesting, I want to get my running club name on my vest since the club stopped getting it done which is just stupid. Thanks for the ideas.
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