Outlaw 2014

  I have managed to get in to the Outlaw next year. It is my first attempt at going long having done a few short Triathlons and the London Marathon a couple of times (all very slowly)! To be honest, I haven't got a clue what I am doing but having read IronHolgs book I can't resist giving it a try and I'm now armed with Don Finks book so how hard can it be?

  No doubt I will be coming to this forum frequently once my training starts in earnest and I find out just how hard it can be! If anyone can give me any advice along the way and some tips on the Outlaw it would be very much appreciated.




  • Swim a bit, run a bit and bike lots

    Enjoy the journey  image

  • Only done the outlaw half this year entered the half again for 2014 if its anything like this event you will have a fantastic day! well organised good support throughout nice bike route and if its the same sort of route for the run nice and flat(easy to say now not after swim and bike).I'll be doing more brick sessions bike/run for next year got a couple of half's entered and windsor for next year and looking at 2015 for full distance more than likely outlaw (half the price).I found a good structured training plan helped so I new what a was doing each day and when it was a rest day I rested!!! This was my first year of triathlons and should have done it years ago but kept with the running only.....most of all take it steady and enjoy

  • Have you not changed your name to Fanny yet?!

  • FANNNNYYYY!!! image 

  • Yay Fanny image

  • never get a turbo.   they are the devils tools.......image

  • Turbo - perfect hangover cure on a rainy winter Sunday morning

  • Thanks Fanny. I have bought the 910xt. Love my gadgets! Have a turbo trainer and have started to torture myself with the Sufferfest videos!

    I am now having swimming lessons with the local tri club. Find it a bit odd having my legs tied up by a young female coach at 6:30am! This ironman training isn't so bad after all.......

    Role on July.

  • Sorry had some user issues - hence the new account! Think the name was too much for runners world. On that note the name change has notably been done.

    Wow tricoops taking my words as gospel - hope that doesn't bind me in anyway? Enjoy the gadgets, I'm tyring to justify a wattbike now...love the tech. Enjoy the strange techniques too.

    And yes the turbo is the work of the devil but a necessary evil!

    See you there!

  • I have entered the half, booked accommodation and started focusing on my weakest link - running. Does anyone know if there are cut off times for the outlaw half? If so I may have to ensure my swimming and cycling will pass before trying imrpove my interpretation of jogging.... Thanks

  • I think the cut off was complete the swim and bike in five hours.

  • Thanks FF *slopes off to the pool on his bike* Got a lot of training to get through then!!

    At least there is plenty time ahead image



  • Just found this out in the race pack (its out already)

    Cut-off Times

    Swim 1 hour 10 minutes after your wave start, with a further 10 minutes allowed to reach bike mount

    Bike 5 hours 30 minutes after your wave start

    Run 9 hours 00 minutes after your wave start


    More relaxed about the cut-off times now image

  • trihard.

    you had me worried for a moment cause i saw the word waves and thought that was for the full......

    would hate to do a wave start as it doesn't feel like a proper race to me for some reasonimage

  • @seren - I am only used to wave starts - nothing else would feel the same to me...



  • Sprained my ankle today, for the second time in four months, was just getting back to a decent level of running. I'll be upset if I do it once I start Outlaw training proper.

  • @graemek - hope it gets better soon dude frustrating injury to have!

  • This is my race next year. Going for the win.... image


    (Assuming nobody else turns up)

  • You going sub 10 you reckon?

  • I went from my first half marathon (and 2 lengths of the pool, head out of the water) to Outlaw in 9 months, without joining any clubs. You should be fine, as long as you expect that it's going to hurt a lot. Next year will be my third Outlaw, so either it's not too terrible or I'm too dim to quit.

  • Thats great going TGB. Just concentrating on improving my swim technique at the moment before starting training proper. I thought pilates would help my core and flexibility so tried it tonight. It appears it is not the done thing to turn up in bib tights and a cycling top judging by the looks from all the old ladies (who appeared to have a stronger core and were alot more flexible than me).

  • Good call. I finally attended a running club this week. First proper training I've ever done. And now I've got runners knee. Ace. *shakes fist at arbitrary yet vindictive universe*

  • Flat Footed wrote (see)

    You going sub 10 you reckon?

    Worth a try!image Going to be the first A race of the year for me... then maybe a late season tilt at 70.3 Worlds........image

  • Was supposed to be my fast aim for a PB race at Outlaw 14, instead I will now be defering until 2015...  Grrr, good luck to all, its a good race enjoy it!

  • New one on me.

  • Yay - an outlaw thread...

    T-34???  (that looks like a tank, not a statement about timings!)

  • Less than a month until the start of the 30 training plan. At the moment I am training more than the first weeks of the Don Fink plan. I presume it is fine to keep my current level until the stage in the plan that is the same as my current training?

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