Running App Problems

I'm having a problem with all running apps I try using on my iPhone at the moment. I've taken a screenshot of one attempt using MiCoach, but I've had the same problem with mapmyrun. The route appears to be tracking, and then when I turn around, or even just later in the run, it takes a direct route (as the crow flies) which is obviously significantly shorter than the actual route I ran. (The pictures shows that the final stage of the run it tracks perfectly normally) Hopefully that makes sense! I'm just wondering if this is a common problem, and if there's an easy solution. Apologies if this is a bizarre question, but thought it was worth a shot! Many thannks!




  • I use strava on my iPhone and it's very rare that it loses the signal.

    Are there tall buildings or underpasses that you run through around ? All gps receivers struggle there.

    Where do you carry your phone ?
  • Are you setting off before your phone has locked onto the gps?


  • Thanks for replying guys, I think I figured out it was the cover on my phone, as it seemed to work ok yesterday and today without it. 

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