Burning Calf

First of can't remember if calf or calve lol. Anyway my wife is starting her fitness and is on the treadmill and runs around 4 to 5 km. After about 1km her calf starts to burn. I was thinking this is lack of fitness and she should run through it. Or does anyone know and different? Thanks.


  • What do you mean by "burn". Are the rock solid and tight, or are they still pliant but very hot?
  • I asked her and she said she didnt know. However she went on the treadmill again today and it happened at 2km this time. On the bike it then stopped, then back to running and it happened again at 2km.

    She has had gait analysis and got new asics (£130) ones - nimbus 15 I think they are, she paid £90 though.

  • TBH John without more info it's difficult to say.

    When you say "starting her fitness", has she been doing anything recently or is she literally starting from scratch? If from scratch it could be too much too soon.

    Is she a heel striker or a mid/fore foot runner? Mid/ fore foot running can put extra strain on the calves, especially in a beginner.

    Is she getting sufficient rest between exercise? A simple case of the DOMS is natural when using new muscles, or changing the intensity of use.

    You can never have too much information!


  • As i run on the streets and she runs in the gym so we dont exercise together.

    She said she lands pretty flat on here feet. She has been going to the gym since January, but had a 3 month lay off and only just got back to it to lose weight.

    I think i am inclined to think it is too much too soon too fast.

  • Another common one, have done it myself. Trying to regain fitness after prolonged time off with injury.

    I broke my collar bone and had 2 months off losing fitness and putting on some excess weight. On being allowed back to training I did too much too soon trying to regain my original fitness levels and gave myself shin splints!

    Patience grasshopper.


  • Although your wife claims to land flat-footed, I still think it's caused by striking the ground toe-first, especially as it stops on the bike when there is no foot striking.

    I've noticed that many people who are used to gym aerobics classes tend to strike toe-first when they take up running. Maybe it's because of the bouncy nature of aerobics classes where toe-striking is the norm.

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