My first race

Hi all,so next sunday is my first event in Brentwood 10k and i will try to finishe the race,as i saw must be hard but i will try,anybody here going for this race? See you and ...keep running is so nice image


  • I'm no stranger to running generally but my first actual race is 23rd Nov in a 10k too. Looking forward to seeing what being part of a race day is like!

    How's your training been going?

  • Hi,i running 2-3 times a week and i am happy with that.But i think next sunday will be hard because the event has hills so...will see what happens,i will try to finish.Where is your race,i wish both of us to have a nice race and enjoy our first event  image

  • Is it the one round South Weald? never done it but run over there many times in training and cross country - just go and enjoy it - relax don't start to fast and if you need to walk up the hills walk (the hills usually come down again) but just remember you are doing it for fun so the key is to enjoy it.

  • Hi Grendel3,the event is in Weald Country Park.I am going to follow your advise....i also was thinking the same...start slow,but i am afraid that i am going to be very exciting because is my first race....but i will try to start slow.Yes my goal is to enjoy it,i do not care about my time but i want to finish.image
    Thanks for your advise image

  • It's in Nottingham, I certainly hope so!

  • Ok,i wish to you good luck !!! How is your training?

  • Good luck with the Brentwood 10k, let us know how you get on image

  • Good luck Stamatis have a good race.
  • Thank you very much !!! I will tell you how was the race image

  • Training hasn't really begun! I've stopped playing football recently and had a few weeks off running which has cleared my achilles pains, but went out for a run at the weekend and after a 30 min tempo run I've got some tibialis posterior pain... It's not the first time I've had this pain, I just need to focus on re-aligning my knee position etc when I run and concentrate on not over-pronating as much.

    If all is well and I can prepare over the next few weeks properly (whilst balancing swim and bike training) then I'm hoping for a 42 min approx finish.

    Let me know how it goes image

  • Ok,you will be fine.Your time its very good, i ve done 57 m .And me i was playing football and i have done two operations to my knees but now i am ok image

    I will let you know,and you too,let ne know how it goes image 

  • One day to go.....its strange how i feel....two years ago i had an operation in my knee and i was 96 kilos and i am 1,79 meters tall....i was really fat....and now on Sunday i have my first race...its hard to believe but its true....i start from 300 meters my run and now i am running 10k....without any special schedule....i just listen my body and my I cant wait for Sunday....i wish everything going well....thank you for your wishes and we speak...i hope... on Sunday afternoon image

  • Did it all go well?

  • Hi all !!!.I do not know how to start ....anyway i was amazing !!! I DID IT !!! I finished my first race 10k and i did not walk not even 1 meter...but the most important it was that i enjoy it very much ...the course was very hard for my level...a lot of mud and two hills  was hard to go...but everything went very well for me...i start slow and that was the time watch says 1.02.15 but i am waiting the results...but does not matter....the main thing it was i enjoy it...the support was amazing for people that you do not know...i can not wait for the next event...image

  • 79 the runners of 10k and my place 41 and the time 1.01.58 ...i am very happy image

  • Well done,that's fantastic!!!! 

  • Thanks cheryl 38 and Peter image

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