Too much, too soon?

I am planning on running my first marathon on 01 Feb 2004 in Valencia and have also just been acccepted for the FLM. I realise that there is 10 weeks between the 2 events but should I skip the February race and concentrate on London. I want to survive another year! What recovery time should I have? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • gareth we will need a bit more info on what level you are at now, what are your hopes and dreams! and how much time have you got in the week to train before one of us makes a rash statement.
    I could do two marathons in 10 weeks (at a push) as could others, but then I have done it before.
    Are you starting from scratch or have you done some running before
  • I am currently averaging 40 miles a week (3 x 8 miles on Tue, Wed & Thu, and a long run at the weekend). I have just completed 3 1/2's in 1.56, 1.48, & 1.44 respectively so am improving slowly. Not in any pain at the moment although occasionally I have a sore shin for a short period after a long run(nothing serious I hope!). Again advice is appreciated.
  • A good rule of thumb is one recovery day for every mile raced, so you're looking at a month after a marathon.

    You might think about targetting one race to go for a time, and just plan to get round the other.
  • I would take it easy and skip Valencia and concentrate on FLM. Starting from the new year you have 16 weeks of training.

    For example, I only set a few highlights a year and only train for those, usually a marathon in spring and autumn.

  • I'd go to Valencia and treat it as a training run. Enjoy the sights, sounds and experience. Get the miles in your legs then race FLM.
  • Do not run in Valencia, running a marathon is not a training, itr is a race , this will probably ruin your training shedule. Concentrate on FLM , only on that. That is my advice but I am not a professional.
  • depends what you want to get out of each marathon, and what time you are bothered about

    marathons CAN be training runs
    look at those ultrarunner nutters:)
  • Many thanks for all your words of wisdom. No offence to the folks who advised me against running the event, but I think I'll probably run although not maybe a fast as I could. Aardvark, you convinced me with your 'rule of thumb' recovery time. I have 10 weeks between the runs and I think that I will be OK for the FLM(touch wood!) Again- thanks all!
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