Seagrave Wolds Challenge

Did this race the year before last, and in it again this year. 

It is a nice little number. 

Anybody else in?


  • I have entered. Looking forward to first ever run at this event..... I have heard good things about the fruit crumble, so that should get me through my longest run to date!!!


  • This is a cracking cake race!

  • Ohhhhh didn't remember this!!

  • OK so that is another Seagrave Wolds Challenge over.  The recent rain had turned the ground into Mississippi mud pie, which made the going pretty tough.  I was sliding around all over the place.  There has been a significant course change this year.  Part of the course has been re routed along the banks of the GrandUnionCanal, which makes it a different but still picturesque route.  The organisation was up to the high standard we have seen in previous years. 

  • Agree.... Cracking route and very well organised. Tough running through those ploughed fields. Will be back next year. Excellent crumble and custard at the end too! 

    not sure it was 16miles though????


  • The 16 mile marker was a bit of an admission!

  • Hi Guys - John From Seagrave here. Glad you enjoyed this years event. Just to confirm for you that the this years route was very slightly shorter than usual at 15.5 miles (acxcording to my GPS). Hope to see you again next year. 

  • Thanks John

    I hope that the guy who took the fall along the canal bank is OK. 

  • Hi Ben - Our first aid team took him straight to A&E. They kept him in overnight as it was quite serious. I popped in to see him today and he was on good form and gutted as he was having a really good run! He is really keen to say thank you to the two runners who stopped and helped him. If anyone knows who they are, can they let me know.

  • I was one of the two runners John, but I am not sure who the other guys was. 

    I am glad to hear that he is OK. 

  • Hi Ben so you will know that it wasn't a pretty sight! Is it ok with you if I pass on your details as he would really like to thank you for looking after him?
  • You are welcome to pass on my details. 

    I was impressed by how quickly your team sorted the problem out!

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