Moors Valley 10K

Anyone know anything about this is it a new event?

Just had 8 weeks out with Achilles problem so this will fit nicely as something to aim at.


  • Did it a few years back - quite a bit of it on grass so not super fast but it was flat- lovely run in A nice park!

  • Sounds good, i don't do super fast in fact I don't do fast image

  • So excited to do it image building up to a marathon so this is a stepping stone!

  • It's a lovely course - they used to run it on the summer solstice in the evening but have swapped their dates around this year so this is the first winter outing of the race that I'm aware of. Not sure how that will change the course but when I did it last Spring it was beautiful - quite a varied course - part through forest, part through park and part through the golf course at the end. Really friendly atmosphere.

  • had a couple of weeks back since the injury without too much reactions so looks like I'm going to be up for this, good incentive not to have TOO much over xmas image

  • Entry in, achillies seems ok so here goes.


  • Not my best, legs felt dead after about 2k but finished which was the main objective after the injury, anyone know when / where results published.


    Shame someone didn't think to salt the bridges (both on course and generally in the park, hope the person who fell on the main railway bridge is alright)


  • I'm also looking for the results so would also love to know where and when they are published. Apart from the ice my only gripe was the pedestrians and cyclists getting in the way on the final 2K

  • The pedestrians and cyclists and horse riders have just as much right to be there as you.

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