Diet Pills

Folk the answer is absolutely NOT.

In American million people are spending million of dollars on these crap 'diet pills'. 

Tablets to lose weight and there are tablets to gain weight.image

Don't buy them.   Love you body.  Girls many men love girls with a bit flesh.

If you overweight eat more healthy and try and walk

10,000 steps dailyimage    get yourself a pedometer. Or  even  aim for 30 minutes of exercise.  Also try and drink 1.5-2 litres fluids daily eg water. 

Karen Samuel  Bromley Fitness Instructor




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    Do you ever engage your brain before posting?

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    Do you have many clients Karen?

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  • Nick  - that post is definitely not up to your usual standard.

  • There's a guy I work with who is taking them at the moment. He got them from some bloke he knows. Says they make his heart beat really fast. I've been watching him closely for 2 days expecting his head to explode at some point. It hasn't image He doesn't move from his seat except to go home in the evening.

  • Hi all,

    For a long time, I kept hearing about the appetite suppressant pill Reductil, but I was always very cautious about trying it - especially as my GP could no longer prescribe it.

    I tried slimming world and weight watchers - and even bought myself a exercise machine for the spare bedroom, but I still continued to struggle to lose the weight

    I was speaking to another mum at my sons school and it was her that finally convinced me to give Reductil a try. She very kindly offered for me to try one of her pills - which I did the next morning. I took it on an empty stomach with a hot drink, and then within less of an hour I had completely and utterly lost my appetite. It really did turn me off my food!

    She gave me the details of somebody in the UK that helps her get hold of the pills. It's been almost 2 months now (8 weeks) since I started taking the pills and I am over the moon! I have lost 20lbs!

    I feel like I am on such a high now. It has really boosted my confidence! I'm determined not to put the weight back on.

    I know Reductil might not be for everyone, but it definitely worked for me. Here is the email address of the lady I got them from:


  • Given that you are clearly a random spammer, how on earth did you find this thread?

  • Sound advice again from Karen image

    Keep it up dear!

  • I believe Reductil has been banned in this country.  Something to do with heart problems.  Doctors used to prescribe them but not any longer.  Steer clear of them. 

  • Reductil (sibutramine) is, as SG!!!!!!!! says, no longer available through official channels in the UK because the evidence suggested that it wasn't safe. 

    Most folk who took it when it was prescribable either didn't find it at all effective or struggled to tolerate the appetite suppression. It's fairly predictable that people who are overweight because they enjoy their food aren't going to like the reality of taking a pill that makes them go off eating, however much the idea appeals in theory.

    Orlistat is the only slimming pill still available on NHS prescription. At a pinch, it might provide a marginal benefit over diet alone in some people.

    If you hang out in the wrong places, you can of course get all sorts of gubbins, from Tenuate Dospan to home-brewed Aicar. But it's not worth it.

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