Garmins (and Nike+)

I currently run using my iPod Nano with the Nike plus thing attached and the pod in my shoe. 

I am running the London marathon next year so decided I need something more accurate. I don't fancy running with my phone as it might not be practical in the rain! 

Looking at the Garmin's - did fancy the Forerunner 10 - all set up buy it then noticed the battery life was 5 hours. This MIGHT just be enough time but what happens if it dies mid-run, does it save what you've done so far? Is there a way to switch the watch off and I can start it just as the marathon starts?

Then decided to look at the Forerunner 220 but this is a lot more money and doesn't seem worth it for my needs. 

Does anyone have any comments/thoughts/suggestions on the Garmins?


  • Yep, you can switch the FR10 off and switch it on shortly before you start running to save battery life. is a very good site for in-depth reviews which might help answer some of your questions and point you towards something that'll fulfil your needs.

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