Going for a 1/2 marathon...slowly and gently!

Been here before, many times and was meant to do the Cardiff 1/2 but managed to get a compressed nerve in my leg which meant I couldnt walk (and didnt know if I would be able to again which was VERY scary!) so wasnt able to get enough training in. On a positive note did do 10k and, despite coming in last, it was a major achievement for me.

So here I am again but this time going  to go slowly and gently. Ive got a basic core strengh building prog at the gym and going to start running this week. Ive got a bout a year until my half and when Im a bit more into it will enter another 10k but meanwhile the aim to get get to parkrun again.

I have the kit (& some!!) and now just need to get off my backside, eat healthier, drink less and go for it! Hope some will join me along the way...


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