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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some feedback on foam rollers. I run 3 times a week and often get tightness in my hammies.

I have looked around and like the look of this

But didn't know whether it is worth it or maybe a cheaper version for around £15.

Does anyone on here use this or any others?

Many thanks,



  • I use the TP roller in the link above and it is truly excellent. Miles better than the standard cheaper foam ones - well worth the extra IMO.
  • I use the cheaper one and works a treat

    I think its personal preference for TP v standard. 

    They do work though image

  • I have a very basic one and it works really well on my calves. As for price, the cost of raw material is probably pennies so you are paying through the nose whichever one you choose really, but if it keeps you running it's money well spent.


  • They definitely work. 

    I don’t think it is so much that the cheap ones don’t work as well, it is more that they don’t last as long. 

  • I love mine. It can be the difference between limping for 2 days after a long or hilly run to walking normally!
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    Surely a rolling pin would work just as well?

  • Taxi Driver wrote (see)

    Surely a rolling pin would work just as well?

    Depends how high your pain threshold is!

  • Oh I didn't mention the pain image

    If your doing it right it hurts........a bit image

  • a rolling pin is good for the calves but i wouldn't want to try doing an ITB on one image

  • I use a foam roller for ITB issues and it's great (even with the pain!),  but someone told me that they're not so good for hamstring issues - and that stretching is better........

    I've never had hamstring problems so can't help with that directly I'm afraid but I do love my foam roller!

  • I find that my hamstrings are a bit too 'meaty' to be rolled effectively.  As JB suggests, consitent stretching is probably more effective.

    Works on glutes and calves though. which could help loosen up generally.

  • touie2 wrote (see)

    a rolling pin is good for the calves but i wouldn't want to try doing an ITB on one image

    I do!  The worst thing is trying to keep balanced on such a small diameter roller.

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    just looked at Flob's recommendation & it's on sale for £14.99 at the moment, tempting:

    edit - made the link clickable

  • Foam rolling really doesnt do anything for me on my hamstrings. Everywhere else it's great: Quads, Glutes, ITB, Calves, Achilles.

    But a coach I spoke to at Uni advised for muscles like hamstrings and the hips that need something to get deeper, use a tennis/hockey ball depending on your pain tolerance. Personally, that's great for hips (tennis ball) but nothing does my hamstrings very well so I rely on a lot of dynamic and static stretching and the fact I'm loosening other areas (lower back, ITB) that contribute to tight hammys.

  • Love my foam roller for massaging my ITB, quads etc and I also do pilates sometimes on a foam roller - very versatile

  • Interested to read the comments on foam rollers. what's the differences between the smooth and the grooved type ones?? (don't say one is smooth and one isn't!)


    I was looking at the sports direct site, these seem very cheap... roller

  • Get a cheap one and use the tennis ball or golf ball suggestion as well.

  • Does anybody have information/experience about the usage of foam rollers and varicose veins ? To be avoided or not a problem?

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