Running Club South Manchester?

Hi all,

I'm new to running (well let's just say jogging for now, don't want to get ahead of myself image ) and I'm looking for a friendly local club to join. I'm starting week 6 of C25K so only just getting into double figures time-wise for jogging, therefore looking for a club who cater to beginners.

I must say I'm really enjoying jogging and actually quite like going for a 40 minute session even when the weather is cold or wet. Aiming to run 5K before Christmas!


  • Where in South Manchester are you as there are a few.
  • Hiya,

    West Didsbury/Withington way but open to options that require a small commute
  • Well I know there is Chorlton Runners which is probably closet to you but also Sale Harriers at Wythenshaw Park and Altricham Athletics club in Timperley Village.

    I think altrincham has a lot members and you would get group work but perhaps not the individual training you may need. I know this as I spoke to a coach at the weekend as I want to get my daughter down their.
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