Monday 21st October 2013


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Lyrics - How does it feel

Hope you're not too bad today Blisters - backwards for going downstairs definitely, and see if you can fit a gentle swim in today. I find that works wonders.

postie - hope the grazed bits aren't too sore this morning.

Well run at the relays 7d.

Sounds like a busy week OH but it should keep you out of trouble in the taper.

Developed a throat full of razor blades last night, had a rough night and they're still in situ this morning so I suppose my planned swim isn't the best idea.

What:               nothing unless I have a miraculous recovery during the day
Why:                see above
Last hard:        sleeping/swallowing
Last rest:          27/9

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Morning!

    A late start for the thread! Been too busy to do it...removing a bed into the skip and moving furniture so far this morning: am awaiting the delivery of a couple of new beds. I, too, have a throat full of razor blades, but at least I know mine is from the dust in the old bed: rather a lot seems to have accumulated over the years, which is not good! No doubt the beds will be delivered just as I am off for an emergency dentist appointment: crown fell out too late on Friday afternoon for anything to be done about it, except get an appointment.

    7D: tried to find the results, but couldn't. Glad you enjoyed Llanberis...and I hope others do next weekend!

    Lyrics: no

    What: either short and easy or rest
    Why: legs need a little tlc, but I'm sure others will be worse this morning! Good luck with the stairs, guys!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Morning all,
    LmH, Ale- hope the sore throats doesn't linger, and good luck Ale at the dentist! 
    Blisters - good effort after the wall, and as expected an honest assessment. I agree with your sentiments on the weather. Too hot? - too cold? too wet? too windy? I thought that's why we train in every condition...
    7D - well done at the relays , I know our lot survived but not heard the finer points.
    What - 3 or 4 easy lunchtime
    Why - errand to run, delivery to collect, so camelbak helps combine that with a short run.
    last hard - the weekend
    last rest - Friday
    Saturdays xc was 151st out of 213 and 36.44 for the 5.05miles. Thats around 65s faster than last time I ran that course, although tbh it was muddier then.

    lyric - if its the obvious one, then yes.

  • 7D: found the results! I see that some pretty good runners* from my club found it a bit of a struggle!

    *(on the flat. One of them was the guy who was on the front of last week's AW when we won the 6 stage: not that far ahead of you on first leg!)

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Morning

    Easy session this morning.

    I'm off to aldis at 9.30 and it's only a 15min walk.

    Thanks for all you good wishes, much appreciated. image

    Back later

  • I know the lyrics image

    Postie: excellent result, well done image

    Blisters: sorry yours didn't quite go to plan but well done for sticking it out nonetheless. You've done a fair bit of hard hard racing lately, so some time to recover and you will come back stronger.

    LMH/Ale: hope your sore throats disappear!

    Birks: congrats on your new job - that's really great news!

    what: 5 miles
    why: building back
    last hard: haha
    last rest: Friday
    lyrics: yep

  • What: 4 mile easy planned
    Why: keeping the legs ticking over on taper

    Then applying sealant to stop leak over window

    PP forgot to say Congratulations ... image

  • Morning

    What Day Off
    Why Need I explain?
    Lyrics Yes, bit sore but legs OK and working well

    I will try and copy my report from Sub 3 thread so here goes

    Got a lift right into Tilsley Park with Moat who was time keeping which helped keep me relaxed before the start. Managed to meet up with Blisters in the stands and had a good chat about mutual freinds, thanks for the tip about the tomtom's. Had a quick jog around the start just before the off meeting up with fellow thredders HR, Dan, Mr Boat and Moof.

    Managed to get boxed in as the gun went off so had to work really hard to catch HR. Ran HR for a bit around 6:20ish catching Dan after about 2 miles. Gradually pulled away finding myself on my own running through the town. Maintained a pace around 6:20 passing the odd person and finally caught a group just before Milton village. Tucked in wih these guys through the industrial estate, mainly because I never know where I'm going through this bit. Moved to the front with another guy as we exited the industrial estate. By the time I had got through Sutton Courtney myself and the other glead guy from the group had pulled away again still maintaining 6:20's. Pretty much ran solo from the half way point and into the second lap.

    It was on this lap that I noticed a guy in red shorts and white vest appear to be getting a lot of support from a cyclist.

    Anyway, still feeling pretty relaxed with the pace and motored on through Drayton. itwas on the slight uphill climb into Milton that the heavy squall struck. Pushing through this solo seemed heavy going and was a bit of a battle. Turned the corner into the industrial estate so wasn't head on into the wind any more. My pace had dropped a bit down to 6:25ish by now but was still more comfortable than this point last year. Red shorts was also still in my sights which gave me the determination needed to keep going.

    Mile 23 and the struggle to keep going starts. Time to dig in and keep putting one foot in front of the other irrespective of pace but just to keep going. Miles 24 and 25 I slowed down but knew my A target may still be possible. I think that it was around this point that I lost a couple of places but just couldn't find it in myself to battle for them.

    As the clock was ticking I entered Tilsley Park for the last bit. I knew that this would be a challenge from previous races and was prepared for slippery bits. The entrance for the track was insight, I found my final reserves...

  • ...I fell on my arse!

    Two others ran past as I hauled myself up.

    Just about managed alimp the a jog then the bouncey track and running was back on.

    I could see the clock still had a "4" in it but not for much longer. Final push through and home. Garmin said 2:50:01, tomtom said 2:50:03, Moat said 2:49:59 but the chip gave me 2:49:57  image

    Next thing I knew I was been directed into the A&E tent. Here I was pampered by the wonderful medics as I was there first victim of the day. A head popped around the opening exclaiming "It's my postman!"

    Anyway after about 20 minutes I was able to leave and get my cup of tea, retrieve my kit and grab a shower. I managed to con a T-shirt out of the tomtom people for being the first one back with one of their watches image

    I met Blisters again by the tomtom stand exchanging congratulations etc before hobbling off to the running shop and wait for Mrs PP to pick me up.

    I'm still very sore around the grazes but can manage stairs ok. Will take a walk in a bit to drop off Mrs PP's lunch.

    As for the Marathon it's still my favoroute race by far but may be they could re think the bit around Tilsley Park at the end though.

  • Oh I nearly forgot

    Yesterdays lyrics were "Can I kick it? (Yes you can)" by A Tribe Called Quest and I think we certainly did Blisters!

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    postie what a great report and what an  amazing run! Hope your grazes heal quickly

    lmh hope your sore throat eases and alehouse you too and hope the tooth gets sorted!

    what: squats abs planks and press-ups d&d

    why: to be strong ;-)

    last hard: Saturday multi hills run!

    last easy: yesterday

    have a good day all

    lyrics, I suppose somehow I should, but not coming to me yet.. 

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Great report, Postie and well done on bagging that sub 2:50 image   I like a race that credits you seconds ... more often than not they rob you off the odd second or two image

  • Great report Postie!

    Tooth sorted without much fuss.

    Beds have arrived. ..typically whilst I was at dentist.  Neighbour sorted them.

    Torrential rain here.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    postie - legend, nice work mate, whats a few grazes when you have a sub 2:50 !

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    blisters I just read your post, so sorry to hear that. You sound pretty much as if you have the answers, but how disappointing for you

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Sorry to hear you didn't do as well as hoped Blisters
    (Still I could only dream of a 3h30 marathon image)

    Great acount PP
    Hope the bruises are settling!

    Got my number now - 585 ...image

  • 4.5 easy done (along with helping a lone farmer herding sheep in the middle image)
    ... and sealant applied to alcove window!

    Tea prepared so time for quick trip to barber (that NEVER takes long for me!) then perhaps a gentle swim

  • Birks - shit day over and gone. Put it away and move on!!

    Postie - good day well done

    Me - winter weights and 2k swam.

    Will run in rain soon.

    LMH - take a day off



  • I have Paddy - don't feel up to anything else. Hope tomorrow is better. I think you meant Blisters rather than birks?

    You go to the barber OH?!?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    Great report postie. 

    I was 130th out of 250 runners in the XC on Saturday.  37:11 for 5.63 miles.  Pleased with that, although 6 minutes slower than 2005.  Probably more pleased with Saturday though image

    4 miles on the country today, muddy, pouring and fun!

    Lyrics - aye, two in a row!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Well done Postie for a great new pb and well done Blisters for toughing it out.

    What: yoga
    Why: I can't move today, I couldn't even straighten my legs in yoga
    Last hard: that would be yesterday
    Lyrics: possibly, could be a few things

    2 lacrosse games yesterday amounting to 2.5 hours of lacrosse (it's a very tough game, think hockey with oblique work as well).  Our 2 matches were meant to have an hour between them, but due to a late ref, we had 15 mins between them.  I didn't feel this bad the day after the marathon!  I'm looking at it as 2.5 hours of good interval training!

    Hope you get better soon LMH and Ale.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Great Report Postie

    Sorry to hear it didnt work out well Blisters, hope you can learn some info from it and adust for nest time and move on

    2 runs for me today as been off, 9.25m with 5.25m at MP followed later in the day with a very easy 5m

    Off to club AGM soon

    Take care


  • Evening!

    What: 24 easy minutes, made all the more easier by stopping to stretch a couple of times.
    Why: loosener.

    Hope you had a good day, Birks!

    RFJ: make sure you tell them what's what at the AGM, and don't get elected for anything you don't want to be! I never go to our AGM any more for fear I will end up with one of the major jobs I keep being threatened with!

    Sounds tough, Emz.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Paddy U.T.M. wrote (see)

    Birks - shit day over and gone. Put it away and move on!!


     Feckin eejit Paddy - for Birks read Blisters ( birks - I hope youre day was good!!)

  • Good evening people.

    Evening Good People.

    I must apologice for my navel gazing and really, truly go on to congratulate Postie on delivering (sorry) a fantastic (pun avoided) result. I know how long it's been since your last milestone and this one has come off the back of a most imperfect build up. For those not at the party yesterday, my opening gambit was one I'd not been able to use for a long time, if ever. "Postie! You're looking gaunt and unwell. You're really going to fly today!". (Actually, I reckon he was a bit overweight. Maybe a whole 500g). Which reminds me. I saw one bloke with an ammo belt, still containing TWO half litre drinks at mile 20. Whilst I'm on a complete brain dump of a ramble, it was great to see Mick and Phil. In fact, Phil gave me a huge Pirate YAAAAR, and I assure you this wasn't his usual uuuuh comment. This was a clear, unambiguous YAAAR. That cheered me up on so many levels.

    Emzap: 2.5 hours of lacrosse sounds like a tough session. I thought that they deliberately reduced the length of games to 4x 20 minute periods because it was supposed to be fast and furious. I was taught how to play by one of my favourite teachers at school. It was only after I was hooked that we discovered that he had got an Olympic Medal - having played for England in the demonstration game against the US. What I found most interesting was that we didn't get our backsides kicked, and it was a 5-5 draw. I think I'll park lacrosse in the "been there, done that" box for the moment.

  • RFJ: Nice quote. I think I'll use it as a chat up line.

    Then I see I made a typo. Duuh.


  • Meant to say, TT, formerly of this thread, ran 2:27 something in Amsterdam yesterday.

    Blisters: wish I looked gaunt!


    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • That sounds rough emzap - hope you don't feel worse tomorrow.

    Nothing to apologise for Blisters. You sound a lot more upbeat today.

    birks - hope your first day went well.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Yeah, I meant to mention about TT too. Fantastic run. He's delighted and "all loved up"

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