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Hello runners world! Just joined this fabulous forum to post a question as this is the first I haven't found an answer to by searching your site! I am a beginner runner and completed my forst ever yesterday, the Birmingham half marathon, in a good for me and my level of prep time of 2:59.06. . Really enjoyed it and have already booked to do adidas silverstone half marathon and the Edinburgh marathon next year! Though plenty of training to do to get my times down! Anyway on to the question. I suffered quite badly with chaffing between my thighs yesterday and so have bought some underarmour compression shorts on the advice of various articles and agreement by birmingham runners store this was the right product. I have just tried them on and they are snug, but not tight, is this right? They feel nice on and are the right size for my measurements according the underarmour site but just want to be sure. Many thanks in advance, and thank you for being such a great site! I look forward to learning much from you all.


  • Sounds like you want a pair of lycra running shorts rather than compression shorts. A normal running pair just needs to feel like they fit and be comfortable. Compression shorts are another thing altogether. If you were sold compression shorts to avoid chafing then you were misold them. Compression shorts need to be tight to aid recovery. It will be as well that your are a bit loose if you just want a pair for running. You just probably paid over the odds for what you needed.

  • Thanks both. I should have said I was offered them as a "they will do the job and have added benefits" and as i intend to wear my normal shorts still and they were under the ??30 I was intending to spend it seemed a good recommendation. I went to them as they seem highly recommended on here.

    When I say snug, I mean they are tight enough to sit against my skin but not so tight they feel like tight or restrictive, if that makes sense? Suppose best thing will be to try them out!
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I think the added benefit was the exra ??30 in their till.

    If you just want to avoid chafing any lycra shorts should do. No need to really spend any more than about ??15.
  • For an extra ??30 I'd want the shorts to do the race for me.
  • They were ??22... So UNDER my ??30 budget for shorts. I gather they are probably the right fit from other reading I have done, and will do the job, so if I have overspent by ??7 so be it this time.

    Thank you for the constructive comments.
  • I think you guys are over using the question marks in this thread

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