Count down to Edinburgh 10k 24th May 2014 weightloss and sub 60min

Hey all, after stepping on the scales a few days ago i found myself tipping them at 113.5kg (250lbs) this has embarrassed me into deciding to run the Edinburgh 10k in May 2014, if anyone else would like to do a weightloss and sub 60min challenge with me then join in on here

Cheers SNB


  • Hi SNB, I too am quite overweight and also have signed up for a 10k run next year in May (Manchester) and also this morning under the awe of yesterdays runners here in brum, signed up to the Birmingham Half Marathon next October.  

    I would love to be able to run my 10k sub60mins but somehow I dont think that is going to be possible. 

    First bits of running last week but first time out on the roads tonight so I will see how i get on..image

    What training are you doing to get yourself ready?!  Are you dieting as well or just letting the running melt the pounds away?!


  • hey Watto, im going to just reduce the take aways and let the weight melt from the training hopefully

    ive not written my plan up yet but looking at back to rugby so rugby training tues thurs and play on a sat

    longer slower run on a sunday an 1 day jog during the week i think ... we'll see how it works out

    think il go a little jog tonight to see my start point

  • Hi Bear - I have also signed up for the 10k, my girlfriend and I are running it as a sort of race between the two of us.

    I am up around 100KG but I am pretty active with squash, tennis and five a side.

    Started training last week, done 3 individual runs of 4k, all coming in around 26 - 27 minutes.

    Training wise from me I am aiming to get as much milage over the next few months, perhaps bringing my distances up over 14k once a week - I will then look at a structured training plan for the 12 weeks before the 10k itself to try and focus on getting best time possible - hoping to go sub 50minute myself image


    Good luck with the training!

  • Not being negative, just a reminder, running a marathon can burn less than 3,000 calories.  You need to burn 3,500 calories on average to loose 1 lb of fat. That's if you don't take any gels, sports drinks, don't eat any extra food....

    So dieting is about the exercise a bit.... but its 80% plus about the calories and the amount that go in on a daily basis that is the fundamental fact of loosing weight.

  • hey Blair cheers keep us posted with how you are doing too!

    Book - cheers yea il be having probably 3 maybe up 2 5 meals a day spaced equally , if im on 5 il obviously reduce portion size but thanks for info il need to keep an eye on calories intaken!!!

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