Should I go Commando?



  • I am overly well-endowed.  There, I've said it.  I wear shorts over my tights because I am very self-conscious of my 'gift'.  You should do the same if you are equally-gifted.  Or if you are cursed the other way.  Or somewhere in between.  Basically, wear shorts - nobody wants to see your junk.  Or your camel toe, if you are a woman.  Actually, women, some men probably do want to see yours.  So wear shorts.  Or dont'.  Men can very visual.  I think we've all learnt something here.  Or not.

  • This is kind of related, but I don't wear under-crackers when I wear shorts.  Last week I went for a run and passed a lady picking blackberries with her child.  She looked at me twice and gave me a big smile as I passed and I bade her a cheery "Good morning!" as I passed, thinking, "Hey Easy, you've still got it mate!"

    Then when I arrived home Mrs Easy says to me, "Have you been running like that?" and I looked down and I'd put my shorts on inside out; the lining of which looked like a pair of underpants over my shorts and it kinda made everything look quite prominent.

    It's quite a flashy look, if anyone wishes to copy.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Shorts under tights?  Nah, pair just a pair of football socks.

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    At this time of the year, when it is cold and dark, nobody is going to be staring at the outline of you bell-end! I would always wear just tights for running outdoors, I have no problem if people want to stare are my arse or meat and two veg. However, I would never wear tights in the gym. 

  • I used to wear shorts over my skins, until I realised that it just looked even more ridiculous.   

    Since then I have just worn the Skins as nature intended them.

    I am a runner and proud of it!

  • I see this thread has turned into a dating agency, then....


  • Discount Runner and huge knob do seem to go together don't they?

  • Sandy the Womble wrote (see)

    I see this thread has turned into a dating agency, then....


    There was one thread that sort of did - it wasn't this one though... 

  • You monkey Nick Windsor...imageimage

  • Like a gorilla's arm? Hairy along the whole length? Yuk.

  • Along the whole length of what?

  • There are some questions you just know you should never ask...

  • Well, it elicited the information, but I can see why his ejaculation horrified you.

  • Ha ha image

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