am i goin to embarrass myself?

I am doin the gsr on Sunday,only started running 4 weeks ago.went out for my run this morning,my longest so far at 6 miles.this is obviously still a long way off the gsr distance and it took me 87 minutes and a couple of little in that basis 10 miles will take 2hrs 10!!!!!!!! Embarrassing slow. Don't know if I should bother? Really don't wanna make a fool of myself or be last????? Plus at 4 stone overweight I gonna stick out like sore thumb anyway.what should I do??



  • You may have some negatives at the moment.. but think to why you wanted to start running ?


    Plus you can be proud and boast to all the haters when you finish image


    Good luck and well done for starting! 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭


    or attempt it accepting you will be slow and will have to walk a lot of the distance.


  • I'm with Scott on this one, go for it, so what if you're last, at least you'll have acheived something more than lots of people.


    Good Luck!

  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    Go for it.

    It is a huge race and with so many people you are not going to stand out and I doubt very much that you will even be among the slowest.

  • Scott - you feeling alright? That was like a positive post there ........ take note Samir!image


  • you might be last, you might not, so what? If you don't do it you will always wonder if you could have... nothing to lose by trying, but I would follow a walk/run strategy all the way. 

    And if it is a really big event which I assume it is there will be people of all sizes and speeds anyway

  • Go for it.  If you look on the Genral forum, there is a thread about coming last in events.

    I was last in an event just over a month ago. Different distance, but last is still last no matter what the event, and the only way not to have someone come last is to never have any events.

    Just go out there, enjoy yourself, and do the best you can.  As long as you try hard, that is all that anyone can ask for.  You have paid your entrance fee, you have as much right as anyone to be there.

  • I only troll Samir for fun image 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Agree do it - even at 4 stone overweight you won't be alone at the back, there will be plenty of company and the support for the slower runners is even more vociferous than for the fatser guys and what a great achievement it will be, the first of many. .

  • Pick an event that Poohbear is running ....... (that one was for Sussex Runners benefit, I will admit that was a cheap shot)


  • If you have only been running for 4 weeks, are 4 stone overweight and think you will manage 10 miles in 2.10 then that is pretty good going!

    I'm pretty sure you won't be last.  

  • The GSR goes practically past my house so I watch it nearly every year. I am very overweight and a very slow jogger and have done it myself.

    If you can run 6 miles you are going to be fine.

    All sorts of fitness shapes, sizes ages and abilities run and at every stage there will be some people walking, even 50 feet from the start.

    You will be boyed along by the atmosphere, there are a lot of people there for the challenge and a lot who are doing it for charity.

    I am very confident that you will not embarass yourself. You might wish you had trained beter, and promise you will next time..

    Don't chicken out do it and you won't be sorry..

    And besides I will be there to cheer you on..

    Put your name on your shirt and the crowd can shout your name.

    (I did this once with permanent marker and had my name on my chest for days after!)






  • OMG I could kiss you all,I am gonna bloody whoop.thanks so much for posts of encouragement. My number came just landed on my mat,and I got a bubble of excitement in my tummy..... thanks again everyone.see you on the other side!!!!!!! 

  • brilliant, don't forget to come back and post a race report to let us know how you get on

  • Just remember no matter how long it takes you nobody can ever take away that feeling of those last few strides & when they put the medal round your neck - you'll do it!!


  • Go for it !!! Does not matter the time and your place just enjoy it...i am going to do the same on Sunday, in my first race image

  • I 'ran' the Loch Ness Marathon last year in 5:43:15 and the support the back runners outweighs the support for some of the middle time runners! just enjoy yourself there is a brilliant feeling when you cross that finish line and remember no matter how slow you are you were still quicker than people who never started it... just do what you can do and you will get there!

  • Just think of the people who can't cover the distance under their own power while you can.  It's natural to feel self conscious but there will be so much support.  Go for it!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    You wont be last. Enjoy the crowds, enjoy the race and the support. If you can run 6 miles you can do the full 10. I know a lot of people walk the GSR.

  • Good Luck for Sunday

  • Pace yourself and you can do it. that feeling youll get when you finish will overcome any negative thoughts you had before hand.


    Just think of this even if you did come last which you wont you will still be ahead of all those hundreds of thousands of people in that area who havnt even tried.

    Good Luck!!!


    Mr A Nonymous wrote (see)

    Scott - you feeling alright? That was like a positive post there ........ take note Samir!image


    Wouldn't it be funny if the OP has been economical with the truth about her training and then runs a storming time! Lets see how positive Scott would be then....

  • Do it Cheryl. Do a run walk strategy. You won't be last, and you won't be 4 stone overweight by the finish ! image


  • I did it two or three years ago.  Lots of people walked, lots finished significantly slower than your estimated time.  You won't be last.

  • So the day has dawned,it was a long long night!!!!! Yesterday I was stupidly excited,today I am.totally petrified!!!!!! See you all on the other side.good luck to everyone taking part in the gsr xx 

  • Good luck!

    Very inspirational thread btw - and my first forum reply as I wanted to wish your luck!

    Looking forward to hearing how you did
  • Good luck Cheryl hope you will let us know how it went

  • hope you enjoyed it

  • I blinking well did it!!!!!! Whoop whoop 2hrs 21.53  slower than I'd hoped for but I totally loved the whole experience from start like to.finish.I struggled mile 7 and the last 2 along the seafront into the head wind were brutal but I made it to mile 7 before needing to walk and ran far far more of the race than I thought I would so am.feeling pretty chuffed. Now I am.home had a bath and delicious.dinner my legs are feeling a bit broken!!!! Lol. Bring on the spring and more events to name is.Cheryl and I am a runner.image)))) 

  • And thanks for all of your fantastically supportive replies and good wishes.if you were here I would hug you all! X

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