am i goin to embarrass myself?



  • so pleased for you.the wind wasn't making anything easy today.......have a rest and enjoy the feeling of being a runner and then after training through the winter you will be able to make strides into the time.

     so pleased you enjoyed it image


  • well done, and a brilliant time for your first race. Give your legs a couple of days off to recover, or just do a few walks if you want to get out and exercise

  • Well done Cheryl,
  • Well done Cheryl image

  • Well done Cheryl fantastic achievement 

  • Well done Cheryl image

  • Morning everyone, once again calling on your massive pot of.experience.firstly,my.muscles.feel surprisingly ok but my knees are total agony I can barely this normal? And secondly,where do I go from here ( after a couple days of rest) do I take a start from scratch and build my base running fitness maybe do c25k? Or do i just carry on as I am? Just going out and seeing how far I can go and let my speed and fitness improve naturally? And hopefully make a.dent in the 4 stone I trying to loose? Advice please lovely people xx

  • Congrats!!!! give your knees a little ice and warm alternations and the ache should ease - it helped me during my mara recovery


  • Well done you! What an proud of yourself!! image

  • Well done Cheryl 38.   image

    Be extremely proud of yourself !


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