First time marathon

Seriously considering my first marathon next year. I have my sights on the Greater Manchester marathon in April. I currently run ~ 30miles pw and I intend to do a good 4-5 months training. But it's likely 5 weeks before the race I'll be abroad with limited training opportunities for 3 weeks (the odd treadmill session and a few runs on the beach but no serious miles) Any gurus out there know whether this is a bad idea?


  • Can't see it making that much difference - you're going to lose very little fitness in that time, especially if you dabble when you can.. just try to get a long run in one early morning a couple of times and you should be fine with the odd treadmill session.  I'm not a guru (only ran 2, and only just managed sub 4), but if you've prepared weel in the 4 months beforehand it won't be wasted.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I would suggest trying to get to the peak of your training (longest run) just before you go. Then tick over doing what you can on the holiday and when you get back just do the last 2 weeks of your plan
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