New girl!

Hello out there!

Just wanted to say hi. At 54 years young I have just started running and subscribed to my first RW. My aim is to build up slowly, fun run in the new year and half marathon May/June time. Feeling nervous/excited, so many questions on diet, running gear, training plans etc but feeling liberated and can't wait to get started. Any advice gratefully received image


  • Hi,i can not give you an advise because i am new too,i just want to tell you to enjoy it me.....on sunday is my first race and i can not dream is to finish in a marathon...i am 42... i wish is not to late...image

  • Good luck.. it is never too late...enjoy your race and see you one day in a marathon....image

  • Likewise I'm a newbie too so no real advise from me, but good luck with hitting your targets and enjoy it.
  • Thank you, you too.

  • Yes i will try to remember that...never too late....thank you....yes one day...image

  • Take it easy find a schedule that you can follow and don't get carried away with it - that is when injuries occur - and above all enjoy it because that is what it is all about.

  • Thank you Grendel3, very true, enjoying it is what matters.

  • Hi Shazza and welcome to RW I am sure you will find so much support here. I am also 54 and started running a few months ago. I would suggest you start with a plan and take it slowly till you build your fitness assuming you are not already super fit? I am doing the NHS couch to 5k (C25K) which includes podcasts which tell you when to walk and when to run which is great if you are training alone. I also go out once a week for my long slow run with my son (Back 2 Basics on the forum) we normally do 5k run/walk maybe you could get a friend to come along with you.

    Good Luck

  • Regarding the plan, simply stick to it. If you feel great after your run DONT try to do that extra 1km on top. Just stop and save your energy for the next run.

    Pushing the limits of you plan, whilst makes you feel great at the time, is a sure way to get injured.

    Good luck.


  • Hi Shazza, I am new to running and will be 56 in a couple of weeks time. I started running in May this year and although I play netball 3/4 times per week I find running really hard. In my head I can run like I used to when I was 14 but my body now says no way. I have also recently been diagnosed with suspected Exercise Induced Asthma which has made running for more than 500 mtrs extremely difficult, I now havean asthma pump which has made a lot of difference and I can almost run 1k without having to walk. Join your local Park Run look them up on the Internet, it is a very friendly arena and very encouraging. A few weeks ago a lady turned up in her shopping clothes and walked the 5k in over an hour and 10 mins. Since then she has turned up in sport clothes and still walks but has got the time down to just over an hour. My best Park Run time is just over 37 mins which includes power walking, also sign yourself up for some fun runs to give yourself something to work towards. The Color run at Wembly was really good fun this year and is well worth doing. I also did the Olympic Anniversary run which ended in the Olympic Stadium because I wanted to run/walk on the track before we turned it into our football stadium!

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