SUB 45 10K - MAY 2014

I completed a 10K in 45.12 this year. My weekly mileage was approx. 3 runs of 6 miles per week and circuit training twice a week. 

This week I ran 6 miles easy on two occasions, I tempo run approx. 5 miles and then a long run of approx.60 mins which was approx. 7 miles. Is this a good base to start with? Or does anyone have a plan I can follow, I realise May is a long time away but I really want to crack this and put in some serious training for this. I am 42 and approx. 10st 10llbs.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If you can build your long run up to 10 miles at an easy pace that will really help to build an endurance base on which you can start to run 10k hard.
  • You could crack it in much less if you ran a few more miles, and an extra day or so a week...  

    The RW plan here would probably do the trick (maybe even in less time), but plenty of others out there to choose.  I'd imagine you'd be helped by getting your weekly long run up way beyond 6/7 miles.

    I dropped down to just under 45 min from 48 min in about 8 weeks on the way to completing a half marathon training plan with little speed work in it (started the plan after the first 10K race.  After the second (sub 45) 10K, I threw in 3 weeks of speed work and dropped to a 20:45 5K.  This wasn't really strict training - I could have done more I think.

  • Thanks Millsy and Daeve. Looks like I need to work on my long run. I love running but always want to run fast but reading your comments and other forums this is not the best training plan. Looks like a disciplined winter of building up my long run. Do you think 10 miles for my long run is a reasonable target? 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    10 would be a good target to aim for. Just remember to run in a lot slower than your 10k pace. Aim for something around 9.5 to 10 min miles at the fastest.
  • It's a start! Maybe build up to 12. A 10k race run well will include a 3 mile warm up, a 10k race and a mile cool down, coming in at 10.2 miles - you don't want to be running your longest run on race day.

  • I know i'm not the OP on here but thanks for those links Daeve - pretty helpful and exactly what I needed.

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