Sub 4:30 anyone?



  • I'm running my easy miles at marathon pace.

    Although my LSR pace for New Forest Marathon was just under 10:00/mile. So I was doing 20miles in under 3:10. The New Forest trashed me and spat me out at 17miles on the day - I had run well for under 3 hours, but the last 10miles took nearly 2hours. Heat and hills (That's my excuse).

  • Tim - I've done 10k's, half marathons and brighton marathon before but that was 2011 race so it's been a while. Out of interest why would you wait until built up to 13 miles before introducing speed work?
  • Bam, I think I probably had a few more Bloks than in training - will try more on my training runs next time image I did no speed work for my first Marathon and trialling it for my second - after all 26.2 is more about endurance than speed to begin with imho.

    Tim, I've also heard the MAX 3 hours idea however for us slower runners I don't agree and believe the (rather random) 20 mile target gives the slower runner a bigger physcological boost? I'll be doing up to 10 miles at pMP on Saturdays and up to 20 on Sundays - will see how I get on with that.

    Keggy, what's your Barcelone Plan look like and does it differ much from previous Plans?


  • The mileage is a lot less!  I'm hoping that I won't feel so knackered throughout the schedule *fingers x'd*.  Previous plans had me doing 50+ miles some weeks but I think this one tops out at 40 which sounds quite a luxury.  My main problem is my head during the actual race - I love the structure of a training program but my race head tends to let me down so I'm hoping to fool it next time.

  • Bam86 wrote (see)
    Tim - I've done 10k's, half marathons and brighton marathon before but that was 2011 race so it's been a while. Out of interest why would you wait until built up to 13 miles before introducing speed work?

    I was just looking at it from the view that 5miles was the longest you'd run and were a beginner. Getting a good base mileage in your legs and being able to comfortably run 8 miles before you start to add in speed sessions which will typically be 6+ miles if you are doing properly targeted marathoin speed sessions.

    I can't see any value in doing a tempo run of less than 10miles including warm up and cool down.

  • Thanks for your feedback Tim.

    Fingers crossed u can trick ur brain next time Keggy. What is it that lets u down?
  • Lol I love that!
  • blerch is for wimps looking for an excuse... There is no excuse, keep one foot going in front of the other and sod everything else :0 There are facts like.. I didn't do enough long runs to keep going at the same speed.

    (mind you i'd love to be 7 minutes quicker, 4:36:59 last time).

  • ... or I underestimated the course and started out too fast. 

  • To start with I thought it a bit harsh BT that you called it an excuse but I guess it is if you don't recognise anything else with it. I just saw it as a light hearted way to look at all the other things that goes along with being a person, whether it's running or not!

  • hehe, I read all of his 'comics' some very good bits that rang true then a few that I felt were space fillers. A clever chap that runs a lot as well!

    I think booktrunk was on her phone again and it doesn't do smilies well but there was one there image

    Just like the blerch might not exist nor does the wall and think 'hitting' either can be down to lots of reasons, Tim's is probably #1 followed by Booktrunks under trainingimage 

    3 'easy' miles in heavy rain today and almost a mile along a sharp stone, semi flooded forest trail - my Bikilas didn't enjoy it but it made me land much softer and increased my Cadence so might go back there again (no pain no gain lol). 

  • 6x1000m @ 7:10, with 3min rest. Easier than last week, but not much. 

  • Tim, am guessing that's @7:10 min/mile pace? (I get confused when imperial and metric are used together lol). Are your rests walk/jog/stopped? Good to hear you can feel it being easier image

  • There was meant to be a smileyimage

  • Yes. Andi min/mile. Rests are walked. I'm still working out what's best for me. I've got a half mara next weekend so not sure whether to skip them next Friday. 

  • Oh yes, skip them for sure if you want to race the HMimage Do you plan on shortening the 3 minute rest as you progress or jog it instead? That's a decent pace though remember your shooting for 3:45?

    And talking about HM's I got nice surprise today, I did the Mull HM in August and bad weather cut the prize giving short - I was given the 2nd Local Male Trophy and it's a decent trophy so well chuffed considering my time of 2:13 image

  • Excellent. Well done. 

    Yes. My theoretical time on paper is remarkably quicker than real life experience image

  • Tim, I play with the likes of the mcmillan running calculator, why do your think real life times don't match up for you?

    I only have official times for the Half and Marathon and my 5k & 10k times match up almost spot on with my Marathon time but the Half suggests I can run all faster (with the right training). And the Half was run as part of Marathon Training.

  • My recent 10mile suggests 3:52 for a Marathon. The 10mile was set on a wet and windy but flat trail race. A flat half on a good day could go sub 1:50. I'm going for a 1:45 next weekend all things being equal. 

    All my marathons have been on 'undulating' trail in less than ideal conditions. With times ranging between 4:35 and 4:50.

    A marathon is a big undertaking training wise. Holding back in the early stages is what I really struggle to do. It just feels so wrong to run so slowly and easily after the taper. I will learn though. I hope. 

  • I've yet to duck under a 2 hour HM - 2.00.24 is my closest image - how sick was I about those 25 seconds!!

    And I must admit to avoiding any race that has "undulating" "hilly" "mountainous" "lumpy" and any other such descriptions.  I am unable to incorporate hills into my training so they tend to throw me when I find one in a race - especially when it's a surprise!

    What marathons are people targeting for their 4.30 attempts?

  • keggy, have finally understood the connection between your username and avatar (told you I was slow lol).

    Loch Ness was my first Marathon, approx 2,000ft incline and 3,000ft decline and 'seemed' little more than undulating to me with a couple of hills image

    My spring Marathon is Lochaber (Fort William), it's an out an back with just a 250ft incline!!! I do that sort of incline in the first mile and half of all my training routes running from home and am guessing I need to train more on flat areas - also a(nother) excuse to get a treadmill. 

    Where is your Marathon?

  • Milton Keynes for me in May I am tempted to defund something earlier as well to just have as a quiet run without announcing it. 

  • keggy my fastest half is 2:11:30ish the first half of my fastest mara which was 4:36:59

    i really should do a half to get a time. 


  • Blimey Andi, them there's hilly marathons!  Rather you than me.

    Booktrunk - I quite fancy MK as it would also incorporate a visit to my brother-in-law which hubby would love but I fancied a weekend in Barcelona in March first!  And yes, you really should get a HM time as it would be a lot quicker than 2.11 ish

  • lol keggy but it was a negative incline (I stoopidly thought ththat made it easier lol).

    MK or Barcelona? that's a tough choiceimage (of course, am not dissing MK, I've been lost there many a time).

  • I've just entered the MK HM in December as I figured that would work well as part of my training schedule - plus I fancied a bit of shopping in the lead up to Christmas image

  • I am really thinking of that half.. Hehe maybe I should try to stalk you!! 

  • BT, is the Asics 26.2 for a specific marathon? your race diary is filing up mighty fast! But yes, you need to do a half sometimeimage

  • The asics 26.2 challenge is  the Paris Marathon, I think the week before London

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