Goals for a newbie?

I'm a newbie looking to complete my first sprint tri on May 02 in Milton Keynes. I'm planning my training and want to set myself a meaningful goal rather than just finishing it!

I'm reasonably fit (regularly run 60+ mins) but am a slow swimmer and cant remember the last time I rode my bike! Could somebody please suggest some times that would a reasonable goal to aim for - total time and perhaps times for each event that would be reasonably challenging and give me something to aim for.
I'm planning 6 training sessions per week between now and then with about 30-60 mins max available for most and a little more time on weekends when necessary.
Any comments appreciated.


  • bp - I did my first sprint tri this year on the back of little training but had been running and biking regularly and swimming was my problem area. did a few swims in advance and set myself a goal of 20 mins max for this which was about right as it was a very heavy swell in the sea. I would concentrate on your weaker events first but don't neglect the run if this is your strong event - it may help pull you up the field. I had a very good bike, and a below average run - probably too cautious

    best advice - go out and enjoy the experience, learn from it (it's very odd running after biking), and then decide if you want to do another and then work on a proper schedule.

    btw - my total time was just under 1:30 - I would hope with proper training to aim for 1:15 to 1:20 this year.

    good luck
  • Fat Buddha

    Thanks for your comments and sharing your experiences. I tried a run after a lengthy bike ride a few years ago and remember the distinctly odd feeling when my legs didn't want to do as they were told!

    I've found a pool based event in May nr Milton keynes thats 400m/20km/5km which seems just right for me. Having scanned a few lists of same distance races from the last year I think i will try and finish in 1:20 but my main objective will be to have a good time as you suggest. I'm already nervous just thinking about the transition phases....

  • didn't find transition too much of a problem - OK no expert but pretty quick compared to others around me. it's all in the preparation here. make sure you get the bike racking OK, know where your place is (amazing the number of racers that couldn't find theirs), get kit laid out in order. tip - get speedlock laces - saves mucho time not having to tie laces!
  • Another transition tip Lay all your stuff on a towel and practice running and biking without sox if you dont already as that can save a lot of time in transition

    Transition the fourth event.
  • Thanks for your ideas and comments - I will have to parctise that a few times nearer the spring and work out what to do with my kit!

  • I am thinking about a first tri (sprint) in April (Chirk). Running not a problem, but I wanted to ask about the swim-to-bike transition.

    How long do people take? Especially newbies? Do people dry off and change, or just pull on shoes and leap dripping onto their bikes? I have long hair and usually am a big wuss about drying off and changing.

    I'm not after a fast time (my 5k pb is 23:10), but it would be a pity to be so far behind that the marshalls had grown beards.
  • I have seen people at events get dried and changed but most people who have done events race in either tri shorts( like cycle shorts but less bulky padding) and a top or a triathlon one piece suit and just get there shoes and helmet on and go dripping wet through. The BTA website www.britishtriathlon.org has some good transition tips

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