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last year I couldn't get out to run due to the snow so this year I'm getting a treadmill for christmas - just to be able to clock a few extra miles and not drive everyone else insane when I can't run image

Any recommendations what I should get ??


  • Ensure you get one whereby the maximum speed it can go at is way, way above what you will run at.

    If the treadmill only goes to, say, 6mph maximum and you run at 6mph on it, it will be working at 100% of its capacity, however, if the TM goes up to, say, 12mph it will only be working at 50% of its capacity, this will prolong its life by miles.

    Get one that has inclines on it too.

  • My recommendations are:

    Visit a shop that sells a large range of makes and models, and try them out, e.g.

    Consider renting if you only need it for a couple of months, or even consider a gym so you have access to a wider range

    Some runners just don't get on with TMs - ideally use one for a week or two.

  • Strange as it might sound Tracey but snow gives much better grip than mud so slapping on a pair of fell shoes and you`l be able to run as fast as you like without slipping.. Orienteering shoes have little metal dob spikes and they give fab grip on snow/icy surfaces.. Inov8 Oroc 280s let me run along this road at 20min 5k pace!!


  • Hi Tracey, just wondered what Treadmill you went for and if you would recommend It?

    I live in deepest Devon and during the winter it's difficult to run outside during the week due to the lack of street lights. I'm not keen to go out on my own with a head torch down the lanes either. I've been looking at treadmills and really don't know what to get....any suggestions?


  • A lot depends on how much you are willing to spend, and what sort of running you are wanting to do on it.  In my experience cheap treadmills are not worth the money (sub £200), unless you are just looking to use them for walking on. 

    If you have £500-1000 to spend on one then you are starting to get into the more useful bracket.  Personally I've got a Horizon Elite 507 (had it for 6 years) and would recommend it, it has a good powerful motor, goes to 12mph and incline to 12%.  Would also recommend, that's where we got our treadmill from and they were helpful and efficient.

    Just my tuppence worth.

  • Thanks for the response Ghost Rider.

    After doing some more research I had come to the conclusion that I needed to spend at least around £500 to get a decent one. I intend to use it quite a lot as I'm pregnant and am hoping to be able to use it once I've had the baby and I can't just pop out for a run when I like!

    Good to know that fitness superstore comes recommended as I had looked at their website but hadn't heard of them before. Today I've been looking at the Proform Performance 650 treadmill which seems to get good reviews but I'll check out the Horizon model you have too. 

  • Hi sorry for late response I went to Fitness superstore and went for the Horizon 4000   (think it was an Elite)  - not had it long but it appears powerful enough etc. It folds up for storage etc.. I'm loving on those nights I'm so late home and it's dark etc being able to go and run safely - 

    no more excuses for not running image

    The customer services were really good at giving advice too.  Not pushy sales just honest advice


  • Thanks Tracey - that looks like another vote for a Horizon machine from Fitness Superstore then. The research continues!

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