chest pains when running outside

I have no idea why this happens but whenever i start running outside, in warm or cold weather, after a few minutes into a jog i often get a really bad tightness and pain in the centre of my chest, this fades but for a few minutes i struggle to breathe properly as it hurts so much, i can quite happily run without any pains at all on a treadmill though, this only happens outside, at first i thought it was just the cold air but even running when its not cold does it. its only at the start of a run and leaves me a little wheezy but once its passed it doesnt usually come back,

does anyone have any idea what this is and how i can fix it? its a horible pain and is stopping me joining running clubs or running in more public places because i have to stop and bend over till its gone!


  • It's extremely difficult to diagnose such conditions on a forum. What I would say is visit your doctor. Any kind of chest pain while running should be thoroughly investigated. 

  • Thanks Clive maybe il go to my doctor just to be on the safe side, it does fade eventually but your right i should get it checked


    My sports Bra is fine and how on earth would i catch it on anything??

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Sounds like asthma.  If it is you'll need to ease into your runs very slowly after you leave your house.  The change of air or humidity can trigger it.  I cover my mouth with a buff in cold weather and use inhalers religiously.


    Whatever it is, hope you get it sorted.  Let us know what GP says.

  • i would say starting off too quickly as you haven't got the treadmill to guide you...try walking 100 m and then just slowly upping the pace over the first mile...before running the pace you want to

  • running outside takes more effort than treadmill running. You are probably trying to do the same pace as you can do on the treadmill.

    As seren says, start slower then build up.

  • I had the same problem, went to the doc's and bingo - excersise induced asthma, developed at age 31 - no idea why it was worse outside than on the treadmill, but very much was. Got sorted with some standard asthma inhailers and now back up to pace!

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