Brass Monkey Half 2014

Just thinking about a Brass Monkey half come back... who's planning to enter for 2014? Any slower runners?


  • Is that 'the' Red Haired Girl from all those years ago? Are you back in the UK?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • yep, back again image it's been a while, time to get back to it...

    Got my entry in this morning, bit of a farce... only took me an hour and 10 minutes to get through the system.

    Better get training now then.


  • Was fun trying to get the site to work but I managed to get my place after about 25 minutes and am now looking forward to running in my birth city. Parents live a short walk from the Knavesmire so ideally located! image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    It takes longer to enter this race than actually run it!  Hopefully the snow will stay away in 2014. 

  • After getting to the payment screen several times and having it crash on me was getting very frustrating and then it was full which was even more frustrating. So i sent an email to sportsystem asking if there were duplicates could i have one and at half past 11 i got an email confirming a place. Hope it was worth all this effort

  • I have managed to get in and am down 3 times, how frustrating and in fact I have checked and 3 lots of payments been taken although seen it will get sorted. The system does need changing, it crashed on me at payment 4 times and checking emails  no notification until hours later.

  • Must have been a nightmare for them. I am in 4 times image... 

    Managed 20 mins run today, looking forward to getting back to it, it's been too long since I've run properly...

    Anyone else going to be running around at the back?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    It was a nightmare for them last year too but nothing seems to have changed. 

    However, it is a nice HM once you're in.  I'm hoping for a pb but then again I always am! image

  • I last ran it in 2005... I'm guessing not much has changed? I'm not going for a pb, just a strong run. My last three halves have been while pregnant or within 6 months after so it's been a while since I've done a really good solid run. Sub 2.30 would make me happy...

    Any other slower runners running it?


  • Had a nightmare two hours too, not a way to spend a Saturday morning.. I gave up a parkrun to enter too! Got to payment but no confirmation.

    Having read the above about multiple entries I've just sent off a begging email for a place. Fingers crossed!
  • Good Luck LS !! I am not sure how they are going to give the places out.


    I have only run it once and it was 15 years ago and I got a P.B. then , I too am not going for a P.B. though although would be lovely. I think my last P.B for a half was Wilmslow about 6 years ago and that was a fast course.

    Red haired Girl I am sure there will be lots of people around your pace, and wel done on getting back into it, I can imagine how hard it is with small children. My Daughter had just started running before she got pregnant and her baby is now 6 months, she is hoping one day to get back into it. Had only been running a short while too.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Latest info...

    BRASS MONKEY UPDATE, Thursday 31/10/2013

    We would like to apologise once again for the system difficulties experienced by those applying to enter the 2014 Brass Monkey Half Marathon. The unprecedented demand resulted in a poor user experience which caused understandable confusion and frustration.

    York Knavesmire Harriers have since worked with Sport Systems and agreed next steps.

    We can confirm that the online list of successful entrants from 26 October is up-to-date, and can be seen here -

    We have confidence that all duplicates have been removed and no duplicate payments have been taken. If your name still appears as a duplicate or you believe a duplicate payment has been incorrectly taken, please email


    Having considered a range of options, York Knavesmire Harriers have decided to ballot 500 remaining places for the 2014 race. These places will be allocated using an open ballot.


    The ballot will be open for four days, from Thursday 7 November until 11:59pm on Sunday 10 November.


    The four-day ballot will allow all runners to register their interest at their leisure, thereby avoiding excessive online pressure at a set time. The online registration screen will display a message to confirm an application has been received. (No email will be sent to confirm receipt of application, so don't worry if you don't receive one at this time.) 

    Once the ballot has closed, places will be randomly selected from those who have applied during the four-day window. No priority will be given to those who apply early, and only one application per individual will be counted.


    The ballot will be accessible, from the 7th until the 10th November, on the Sport Systems website -

    Please note, it will not be opened until 7 November. 


    Sport Systems will email all successful applicants by Friday 15 November.

    These successful applicants will be invited to claim their place, using a unique password. There will be a three day period in which the successful applicant can claim their place. If places still remain unclaimed, Sport Systems will then email a second wave of ballot entrants, inviting them to claim a place.  

    By Sunday 24 November all applicants, successful or unsuccessful, will have received an email from Sport Systems to confirm their position.

  • Thanks wardi for the update

    I'd given up hope of ever doing this race but I will now take up the ballot offer.

    I may get there yet!

    I wasn't going to miss parkrun to spend Sat AM on my computer.

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