Tommie Copper Compression

Are they better than  other compressions?   The Americans seem to think it's next best thing since sliced breadimage



  • just like that ?

  • Two elephants walk off a cliff...boom boom!


  • MIke Yarwood used to do impressions, they were f*ck all like anyone!!!

  • He did a fair Mike Yarwood impression to be honest

  • Tommy Cooper did a passable Tommy Cooper, not the best Tommy Cooperthat was done by Les Dennis.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I remember Rolf Harris and Bobby Davro appearing on a chat show together, and Bobby Davro did a Rolf Harris impression in front of Rolf Harris.  Rolf Harris commented that he thought it sounded like Bobby Davro was doing an impression of Phil Cool doing an impression of Rolf Harris.  Ouch!

    Still less shit than Mike Yarwood though.

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