Garmin 110

I've noticed my Garmin 110 is taking longer to hot fix when I go out running.  Thought it was to do with the weather (just an idea) but then it took over 10 minutes to fix on Sunday (during a race so thought maybe cos of lts of other devices trying to fix as well).  Today it gave up the ghost after 1.94 miles and the weather is not too bad and I'm out by myself. 

Anyone any ideas of what to do?  Can it be reset or is it just too old now?


  • just a couple of questions, how old is it and have you updated it recently ?

  • have you tried turning it off?

    that normally resets the watch.

  • Dunno if this helps, but I've found that you need to be pretty much stationary when trying to get a lock on.

    I have in the past set off on a run while the device was still searching, and found that it took for ever. Don't know if this is true for all GPS devices, as the 110 is the only one I've ever owned.

  • I find with GPS devices, the more you use them the quicker you get signal

  • Sandy has good advice there, stand still whilst its locking on.

    If you move location as in 100miles or 1000miles from where your last activity was, it will take longer in my experience.

    you might as well try a soft reset too, just Google it for instructions. Mine is close to 2 years old and still performing well. Although I have just ripped off the metal clasp on the strap (cargo net at obstacle course race) and broke the hinge on the data cable watch clamp (probably stood on it).
  • I broke my charger clamp too, Seb.

    Got a replacement on Amazon:


  • Thanks Sandy, I think I will get the new clamp rather than upgrade the watch. When it has served me for 5000 miles in about 6months time I might decide its done its job. Strap not an issue I just put a safety pin through one of the loops.
  • Thanks guys.  Just been away, Garmin didnt fix at all on 1st run, fixed straight away on 2nd!  Usually stand dead straight still cos thought that would help.  Anyway, when washing all done will have a go at a reset and cross fingers that does the trick.  I use it about 3 times a week and love looking at the stats, would be lost without it!

  • does anyone know how long the battery lasts on the Garmin 110, mine cut off completely when i was down laoding my runs...had it for 2 years..hope it is the battery also do you know where they sell new batteries

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    If the watch appears to be dead, press the 'light' button for around 10 -15 seconds, then release.

    That's the standard re-boot for the device.

  • I have started putting it in the front window and start it searching while I am getting ready. Most of the time it cuts down my waiting time outside. The accuracy on the starting point can be a little wonky but I get that anyway (no more than 20 meters).

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