Shakespeare marathan.public transport


I want to run the shakespeare marathan in Stratford upon Avon on April 27th.i want to come by train.I can't find any information about how to get there.Does anyone know how far Stratford upon Avon train station is from the event which starts at the rotary club?any hel would be appreciated


  • Easy to walk. Start is in Church lane.

    Are the trains early enough though ? I'd rather stay over the night before and avoid any transport problems.
  • Your right as the trains don't start till after 9 and need to be there for that time.staying over is definetly an it far from the train station then?

  • Have a look on Google maps, that will show you where Church Lane is in relation to the station.


  • Stratford is not a big town anyway. If you can run a marathon - you can easily walk from the station to stay anywhere in town.
  • The start is right in the town centre.  Easy walking distance.

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