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can anyone save me time in research, i have a gps watch that works just fine, but i also want a watch that will simply bleep when i have run so long. for example, i want to set it to bleep after 6 minutes, then 1 minute, and keep repeating the sequence, so i dont have to keep looking at the time on the watch. any ideas ?


  • you can do that on the smartphone apps if thats any help?

  • If you have a smart phone and take it running with you (I know 2 ifs there!) there are free interval timer apps you can download which will do what you need.  It is so annoying having to look at a watch all the time.  Some GPS watches will do it but that starts getting expensive if you already have one!

  • What watch do you have? Most Garmin's you can upload a plan that would beep at those sort of intervals 

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    Most Garmins don't even need a plan uploaded...  That kind of simple intervals can easily be set up on the watch in a couple of clicks.

  • its a garmin 110 which is a basic gps, not noticed this feature on it. do have an iphone but dont usually take it with me. but will take a look at some apps

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    Oki doki...  I might have made too much of an assumption here then (in which case I'll blame booktrunk)...  My FR60 has a Training menu off of which there is an Intervals option...  Does the 110 have anything like that?

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    Ok, the 110 doesn't have the Intervals facility, however, it can be mimicked...  See for details.

  • allready have the runmeter app, had a look at that, i cant see anything on that that does what i want but i am a bit of a dummy with these things and often miss the obvious, does anyone know if this app does it?

  • thanks taxi will see if that works for me

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