My cleat is stuck in my pedal

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Afternoon all.

I've recently taken delivery of my new road bike after not having one for a few years. All is good but I had an issue yesterday and was hoping for some advice. 

When I finished my ride I couldnt get one of my shoes/cleat out of the pedal. On closer examination one of the fixing screws had fallen out. I ended up unscrewing my shoe from the cleat but I couldnt get enough force to get the cleat out of the pedal, even after losening the tension screws.

An internet search advised me that I would need a screwdriver and brute force and ignorance to get it out, but it also warned me to wear safety goggles as the cleat could well come flying out at top speed.

I was wondering if anyone had any other advice abotu getting the cleat out the pedal or is the only way to use a scredriver ?



  • What type of pedal is it? 

  • carter - get another screw (take one out of the other shoe if needed) so you have a full set and screw the shoe back to the cleat and bingo, you'll have enough leverage to twist the cleat out...

  • It's the Shimano Ultegra.

    Thanks FB, there speaks the voice of experience ?

  • nope - just one doing a bit of joined up thinking.....image

    I've had a few cleat screws start to work loose over the years on both my road and mountain bikes - you start to notice when it becomes a bit more difficult to twist the cleat out.   I now always a) use an anti-bind compound on the threads (makes it easier to remove when I need as with all the rain and muck they attract they can bind easily), and b) tighten the screws up as much as possible without damaging the screw head

  • Carter if in the unlikely event needed I'm in the city centre till about six tonight and got a full tool kit with me had a similar problem before.image If you get really stuck if you go here link and ask for a nice man called alex he will most like sort it for you for free knowing you will be back at some point to buy shiny things from him. Good luck mate.

  • Thanks for the tip FB. 

    Cake - you stand need to be sending me links that show nice and shiny new things. You are responsible for sending me to Accelerate who have already taken enough money from me image

  • image Excellent but if you need any help with this make I'm in town every day and work next to the bus station would be a easy thing to pop out and say hello. That shop is the best place to go when your bike needs servicing and also bizarrely one of the cheapest. Just don't buy anything in there.

  • i had that problem once when i didn't tighten my new cleats properely and so couldn't unclip in a race.....

    if you can put the new screw in and tighten it up to the shoe you should be able to unclip the show with your hand

  • Seren - did you fall off or manage to stay upright ??

    Cake - I dont work in the city but thanks for the offer. I will have to pay the shop a visit though but I'd better not tell Mrs C, although I will blame you again !

    FB - would you recommend a particular anti-bind compound or do they all do the same job ?

  • Excellent just for god sake don't buy anything from there I don't think even you can afford it. image

  • luckily i was slowing down for a drinks stop and when i realised I managed to stay upright until i could grab a the end of the race I had to take my foot out of the shoe as i approached transition.   must have made me look like a pro....or an idiot

  • Another interesting thing is trying a shoe in a clipless pedal without the pedal being attached to a crank. Thats hard to extract.

    I dont think I could reattach the cleat to a shoe if the cleat was in my pedals - but good luck anyway.

    Failing that - yes big blade screwdriver and goggles and probably gloves too. I get the feeling it could go horribly wrong.
  • Thanks cougie, that's filled me with confidence image

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    I thought the thread title was some kind of code message.

    The man with the moustache is cleaning his car

    Is that the correct answer?

  • anti-bind compound - they all basically do the same thing.  I have some copper slip but I find it messy to apply (always ends up with too much) and some heavy duty grease (Valvoline I think) which is my main choice.

  • The cleat is out of the pedal. No screwdriver was necessary thanks to FB's suggestion. 

  • image Excellent just in time to wet nicely wet to. image 

  • Indeed. I might attempt a ride over to Castleton later image

  • image madness. mate make sure you get a cuppa in after. If you see someone in pirate kit will be me so shout some abuse. image

  • Tea ? Did you say tea ? Did you say tea but really mean beer ?? image Will wave to you as you fly past me......

  • carterusm wrote (see)

    The cleat is out of the pedal. No screwdriver was necessary thanks to FB's suggestion. 

    bows humbly.....










    sends invoice....image

  • image

    But will ensure I take the appropriate spares on my ride later, just in case...

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