First Marathon


I have just signed up for my first full marathon (Hamburg on 4 May 2014).

I'm relativley new to any sort of serious running.

I have completed two half marathons this year.  Bath in March (2:13) and the Royal Parks (2:06) a few weeks ago.

I am a bit confused where to go with my training plan from here.

I have downloaded an Asics training plan having put in all my details. It takes me back to very slow short runs and then builds back up to longer distances.

Is this the right way to go or should I maintain the distances I have been running and build from there?




  • Dan,


    That's a training plan that assumes you are training from scratch so will assuming you need to get up to your current level. You've got lots of options really you can pick up anouther plan (the one off here is alright but not perfect) or just go a few weeks into the plan. Whats your weekly mileage for a start? If you can see where that is on the plan take it from there. Just don't forget it's a generic plan so won't have all the answers if you miss a day or a week because of illness or a wedding or something don't panic!!! just evaluate and keep carm and carry on.

  • The plan doesnnt know what stage you are up to.

    Plans are dumb. You have to adapt them to you.

    Follow Cakes advice.
  • Thanks for the advice.  Quite glad I don't have to regress to short slow runs. 



  • I started from HM distance and didn't actually follow a plan as such for my first marathon.  The most important pieces of advice I was given are as follows: -

    • Get used to your legs being tired
    • Don't forget rest days
    • Do several long runs of 20miles (I did 3)
    • Never increase distance by more than 10% per week
  • Another advice: The long run is priority no 1 in marathon training. If you for some reason only can make one run in a week, make sure it is the long run.

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