Morton's neuroma surgery

A week ago I had my Morton's neuroma surgically excised. It was 13mm by 6mm. The nerve was removed as well. The surgeon made the incision on the top of my foot. I understand that incisions on the foot base take longer to heal and may become thickened and painful in runners.

i was discharged from hospital the following day after having had a general anaesthetic. I am partially weight bearing on crutches. My toes are bruised; but I have only a small amount of pain- NB I am not putting any weight on the front of my foot. I took painkillers routinely for 2days; but after this time I haven't needed pain killers


i had a GA and also a nerve block. This block was a local anaesthetic and given for pain control. It was great and lasted 24hrs. When I was numb I used a frame to hop to the toilet!


i have an appt in one weeks time to get my sutures removed. I am wondering how long it will be before I can exercise again and will be asking the consultant. I believe I will be able to cycle and row before I can run.


The surgeon told me that it could be upto 6 months before I know if the surgery has been successful.


can anyone share their experience of surgery for a Morton's neuroma and also of their recovery? I am really interested in the recovery procedure


  • Just seen your post.

    I had MN for years but never knew what caused the pain. I did a lot of walking and was always in pain after 3 miles. I tried loads of different boots, cheap, expensive but I thought it was just my foot

    I finally had enough and Googled it. Went to my Dr, who sent me to the hospital and after 6 weeks had the surgery.

    They went if from the top and removed it. I was put under but they let me leave the same day after a few hours of recovery. I wore the angled boot for a week to keep my weight off the front of my foot and just took simple pain killers as the diclofenic I was prescribed gave me an upset stomach. After 10 days or so the stitches came out and I was back to normal after about 3 weeks. This was about 4 years ago and have never looked back. The permanent numb toes are a small price to pay for pain free walking and now that I run I am so glad I had the op!!  

  • Hi There!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am REALLY pleased I had the surgery in October 2013. I am now pain free. This is brilliant- as before the op I was getting electric shock pains in my foot. Now I have some permanent numbness and it feels a bit like i have a crease in my sock when I walk.......; but I am satisfied with this result.

    My surgeon is very cautious about me exercising too soon causing the wound to break down. I have been told not to exercise until the New Year. This is ok- and I am looking forward to using the gym again in January! I hope to start running outside again once the evenings are lighter. It has taken a year from being seen by my GP and then referred on the NHS to have the surgery. It has been well worth the wait.

    Keep up your running and thanks again for replying to my post image


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