London Marathon - Defer for a 2nd Year

Hi guys,

I was due to run the London Marathon this year, but had to defer because of an ankle injury.

I am now down to run in the 2014 marathon, but am not going to be able to do it, as I am expecting.  Does anyone know if I am able to defer entry until 2015?  I hope so, as I really want to do it and may not get the chance again if I have to forfeit the place!


  • Nope only one defer
  • Any idea what the organisers do with these defered vacancies?

  • they allocate about 50,000 places knowing that so many will not turn up or will defer......they only can cope with about 35,000 runners..........

    hence why they do not allow transfers...if everyone sold their place on then they would have too manty runners and instead of 50,000 places the next year they would have to besensible and only issue 35,000 places and even more disappointed ballot people....

    and then if they were allowed to be would have loads of people entering the ballott who have no intention of running it but just want to make a fast buck selling it on for a huge profit.........and we would have even less places for real runners...

    so nothing is done with the places.they have already calculated for it...and one chance of defferment is probably fair enough.

    tough luck Pat....

  • I know of somebody that defered for 2 years but believe it took some persuading and some fairly unusual circumstances. It may be worth asking them just in case

  • I tried asking last year.  I had deferred from 2011 and was due to run 2012 when in the February I was in a car accident.  I called and explained but they said under no circumstances could I defer again. I ended up going for it but pulled out at 13 miles due to pain.  

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I'm in the same position (injured in '13 and now expecting) and have written it off.  I would have passed my place on to a friend but obviously we know we cant do that image

  • I think if you explain your circumstances they might accept it.  Worth ago. 

  • Trust me you have NO chance, they have more people waiting for these places than you can shake a stick at, there is no way they will change the rules 

  • The answer is in their FAQ:

    Q: Can I defer a second time if I'm pregnant?

    A: "You knew you had the place - you should have kept your knickers on."



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