I need motivation, please help!

I haven't been running regularly for about 2 months now, and it's getting to me. Before I was jogging 2 or 3 times a week, usually 30 mins at a time, and I sometimes do 5K races. Overall I have been running for about 18 months.

Can anyone help me get back into serious training? Getting peed off because winter coming, so won't be able to run in my park during the week - have to run along the road / past shops with dodgy people hanging outside them.

How should I start back? I am putting on weight fast (*sob*)! I hate to think of the fitness that I have lost, and have to regain.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    A couple of suggestions:

    There are less dodgy characters around early in the morning - are you someone who could drag themselves out of bed for a run before work? (If you are, I have a lot of admiration for you....)

    Can you find someone to run with? It's easier to get motivated if you have promised someone that you will meet them for a run.

    Make the most of the weekends. Run both days and run/walk to enable you to go further. Try 10 minutes run/2 minutes walk, and build up to an hour in total. That will be like doing 2 sessions in one.
  • Like you Amy I'm not looking forward to the nights drawing in - less because of dodgy folk on corners more because there's only one real road with both pavements & streetlights round us! Also we all tend to plateau out from time to time, my guess is the 2 things have just conspired together for you this time.

    Don't worry about the fitness it'll come back ever so quickly when you find a new routine.

    So what do you like doing, how long have you got to do it (no point aiming for 30 mins 4 times a week if in reality you are only ever going to make it once - you'll just depress yourself)?

    All 3 of Nessie's points are spot on, you might need to change your routine slightly in the mornings or weekends but it'll be worth it.

    The other point I'd make is why not use 5k 'races' as part of your training routine. I assume you don't enter them with the intention of winning, so why not enter them with the intention of adding them to your trainging routine. This should give you some milestones to work, the chance to run in safety, the buzz of joining others and some nice little medals/mugs/certificates/bottles of beer to admire on those long dark nights.

    Keep smiling

  • Thanks

    I think it's a good idea to run in the mornings. Then less people will see my extra flab too!

    I like to run 5K races (a symptom of my laziness that I don't like running further perhaps?) but there don't seem to be that many around - well not ones with a medal etc (yes I collect them!).
  • This morning I went out and did just over 1 mile (1.1 miles in about 12 mins) along my new pavement loop - not much but at least I did it. Let's see if I can keep it up - planning to build up to 3 miles 0.5 mile at a time. I need to get familiar with the new route first - it's funny how different a pavement that you walk along every day can seem when you are running on it!
  • Morning Amy

    Well done, you're right the whole world looks different when you're out there just for you. I think your approach of starting with something you're comfortable with & build progressively from it is spot on.

    My only complaint is with your comment "not much but at least I did it". Come on - you've done more exercise this morning than the majority of the country will do this week, don't judge yourself so harshly

    We don't allow phrases like "I don't do much" here :-)
  • Amy,

    Don't know if you're local enough, but I've just entered the Birmingham Uni 5K on Sunday 20th.

    I'm about a 10-12 min miler so if you want someone to plod with, give me a shout.

  • Amy,
    Try focussing on the sense of achievement from the fact that you are actually making the effort to go running regardless of the distance you cover. I frequently run early in the morning before breakfast and take pleasure from the fact that when everyone else is rising I am wide awake, ready for the day, feeling pleased with myself for being disciplined. Good luck with the mile build up,hope you keep going.....
  • Amy I too have not been able to run much since march due to injury,but I was surprised how quickly the fitness started coming back although I am not up to the standard i was before injury i am getting there.I am one of these people who can drag themselves out of bed at 5am and go for a 10 mile run before going to work, i really like it being out that early as there are hardly any people (except for the other nutters running instead of sleeping)and practically no traffic, so good luck to you with your endeavours and i hope you find someone to run with
  • Thank you all - you are very kind!

    I have changed my nickname (to reflect my skin colour after my runs!). I did the same 12 min run this morning (just after 7am - pretty much midday by some of your standards!). I am sure I could manage 30 mins, but either I am being lazy or I am working up to 30 mins gradually! It really does only take one run to get you back out there after a lapse. Planning to do some more serious runs this weekend.

    Fat Rascal - Birmingham is a little bit far for me to go to (I'm in London) - but thanks for your kind offer. I haven't got to the stage yet where I travel across half the country to do a race, but maybe one day! Good luck on the 20th anyway!

  • SR
    Have you seen the thread abount a Ladies 6k in Maidenhead (not London but closer than Birmingham)
  • SR....
    I am in exaclty the same position as you..I've just moved back to London after living in Australia for 5 years(where my running adiction started)....and after not going running for nearly 3 months now, I am biting the bullet tonight.
    Wish me luck, it's good to know I'm not the only one who slacks off now and agin..

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