Sports massage

I wanted to get an idea of how much a sports massage can cost, as I've never had one.  I have a HM early November followed by a 5K race the following weekend, then a 10K the anticipating tired legs.


I live in HK and called up a physio place who does sports massage, and it cost around GBP36 for half and hour, and over GBP60 for a full hour.  Seems quite steep.  Also, is half and hour good enough?



  • the first one will have about 10 mins of consultation so will not get much done before the half hour is up.......

    It does seem steep but that might be the area......

    if you haven't got personal recommendations then look at their qualifications........there are several different levels and some are very basic 

    if you have a local running club then look on their website for recommendations or even ask on their face book page.......


    and I wouldn't have my first massage befoire 2 races.....incase you react badly to it.......most don't but i wouldn't risk it if you haven't had one before..

  • Never had a sports massage. Like Seren - I wouldn't risk it before a race.
  • Hi  I recommend them but again wouldn't have it just before your race if you haven't had one before.  i can leave you feeling a bit battered for a couple of days.  I did see a physio for one before and yes was £60 for an hour but have now found a great guy who is a sports masseause rather than a physio - he hurts but works and is £45 for an hour.  Where do you live - I am in Surrey?

  • i dont really believe in sports massages, but then I tend to get shot down in flames on here for even suggesting that, so I dont bother anymore.


  • I think Hong Kong is a bit away from Surrey ?
  • Assuming HK is Hong Kong then you probably cant compare UK prices.  1 hour is about £40 here.  I'm a big believer in Sports massage but only because I have very tight muscles, particularly calves.  As above I would not do it before your half and unless you have problems in between, I'd leave it until after your three races.

    Dont listen to Mr I, he doesnt do proper running so doesnt need a massage. image


  • I'll offer you one for £30 for the hour. You have to be completely naked, of course.

  • HK is very expensive for massage. Why not check the prices in MK or KUH?

  • Wife is a sports masseur and charges £38 an hour. Be careful as many people advertise as sports massage after doing a weekends course. Make sure they have the right qualifications.

    It is ok to have one before a race if the masseur knows so it doesn't go so deep. It is most beneficial after to aid recovery but again should not be too deep. It is worth going regularly as a way to prevent injuries rather than pay a fortune to have an injury treated. 

    Half hour is ok if you just have one area of tightness such as hamstrings or calves. 


  • Blimey, must be cheap here in Norfolk then, I've only ever paid £25 for an hour for a qualified sports masseur.  And I get a free one after I've had 10!  As Tricoops says there are different types of sports massage and I've had pre and post race ones before a marathon but they are much less deep than the normal one I get.  Mine also helps with niggles I get and advises on stretches etc if I need help with those. 


  • Qualifications are nice but I would go for one that is reccommended by other runners and has a history of treating athletes. Mine treats lots of running friends as well as some of the top athletes in the county. 

    TST- your masseur sounds Norfolk and good as they say in Newcastle(joke)

  • The Norfolk and good was supposed to be one of Bernard Matthews strap lines until they realised...

  • Oh, seems I have to find a cheaper, but qualified masseur.  HK = Hong Kong, so no where near Surrey I'm afraid!  Lots of cheap "massages" here, but not really the type that are suitable for runners....well, not for me anyhow!


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