Arch blisters / stability running shoes

I've been using Asics gt 2160 stability running shoes for a couple of years and thought the blisters would stop after time, they don't. I still get them and now need a new pair of running shoes. Do all stability shoes do this or just asics? Was considering the mixing wave but have read similar reports. Can anyone help: - recommend a solution? - recommend a brand or reasonably price stability shoe that doesn't give arch blisters? - do I actually need stability shoes? Thanks is advance. Tom.


  • I don't know why, but I've always been of the opinion it's a bit of a market con.

    I had similar issues because I slightly over pronate. I think that if you're wearing stability shoes you may well be correcting the pronation at foot level, but if you're pronating because of a combination of form/joint issues eg. your knees come inwards or hips go in a certain direction etc then it's not fixing that, it's only making your foot/ankle go a certain way.

    I may be wrong, but that's my logic. Instead I'm spending time concentrating on form. We'll see. I know that's not helpful just felt like I'd voice my thoughts image

  • I really used to suffer from this until a fitter in a running shop pointed out that I wasn't lacing my shoes up tightly enough. Have followed this advice and not had problems since.  May not work for you but might be worth a try?

  • Go CazGo Caz ✭✭✭

    I have always worn stability shoes (Mizuno Wave) and have never heard of arch blisters. It sounds like you just need a different type of shoe!

  • do you have the right size shoe? Obvious I know... but might be the source of the problem. I have a bunion on right foot but have 'normal' width feet. Took me a while to find the 'right shoe' for me in terms of brand and in the right size.

    as it goes, I always found Asics tight across the middle of my foot. I've worn Saucony and Brooks (D width - standard width) with no blister problems for a few years now.

  • Another thing to look into is your socks.  I used to get arch blisters especially when running further, but they seem to have disappeared unless I am out for 2 hours plus (for me not often).

    Asics always worked well for me, but maybe also go get a check in specialist shop as I've rarely had problems when I've taken advice re fitting of shoes.

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