Have I enough time?

Hi All,

Did my first marathon in April (3.45). After a summer of triathlons planning to run another marathon December 7th after 11 weeks training (inc 3 x 20 milers). Peaking at about 44miles per week (4 runs weekly). Aiming for 3.35. Is this enough specific marathon training to achieve such a time?


  • Impossible to say.

    If you've trained better than you did for April then maybe.

    How many 20m did you run then ?

    Any half marathon times to go on ?
  • Cougie,

    Training so far less interrupted than early in year (sickness/injury) - fingers crossed. Did 3 x 20milers then + 1 22m, half-marathon times last winter 1.33 and 1.38 but none done recently. Obviously I need to have a free run for the next six weeks or so while still allowing some taper time. Don't see the point of going beyond 20m at this stage.




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