Injury Paranoia

Hi folks, I'm new to the forum so a big hello to everyone!


Basically over the past 1-2 years I have had a lot of injury problems, mainly shin splints interspersed with 11 weeks out because of ITBS earlier this year. Then I got another bout of shin splints after trying to get back into running.


Now I'm back running again and doing some training for a 5km run in January. I'm so paranoid about getting shin splints again, I feel the need to constantly touch my shin and I feel like by doing so I'm making it feel more tender and sensitive, which then gives me the urge to touch it even more. I'm trying to ignore it but this is the I try to ignore? I have no sharp pains when planting my foot but for some reason I'm really paranoid about it. I'm desperate to get back into competing, it's very disheartening going to competitions and seeing all my friends competing and I can't because I'm not ready.


Also, is it better to ignore my shin after training or put ice on it as a precaution? I feel like by putting ice on it I may be telling myself there is a problem when there possibly isn't.


Any responses would be appreciated, I'm sure there might be a few people on this forum who have had a similar experience to me.


  • perhaps its time to reassess your running form?

    I dont think you should be constantly getting shin splints.

    are you doing any off road running? running on tarmac all the time does not help. coupled with running hard all the time is a recipe for disaster, what is your training program like?

  • Hi Maxs Mum, thanks for your reply.

    Basically I am currently only doing 3km every second day at the moment, and I'm just wanting to continue this until I get up to the distance I want (about 8km) then I'll start to make changes with a view to getting into track training next summer.

    Unfortunately it's difficult to find many places such as trails and grass where I can do my running at the moment, especially on grass as I live in Scotland and the place is a mud bath at this time of year.

    I've stepped back my running pace, I had been doing 4:25 min/km but I'm now doing closer to 4:40 min/km, and I'm hoping this makes a difference.

    I should emphasise that I'm not having any current pain, the issue is more with the paranoia of shin splints coming back.

    I've been to a physio numerous times and been more cautious with my training plan/changed my shoes/done strengthening exercises/tried a longer warm up/changed my running stride, but I'm just trying to run naturally now and see how I feel doing it this way.

  • Oh, well time to re-assess your thinking form then!
    Not sure anyone else can help you do that though image

    I am sure if you are building up slowly this time the shin splints will not be as likely to come back. Its hard running and too much too soon that can cause them.

    You may be running too hard if you are doing all your runs at the same pace. (assuming that is fairly fast, seems like it to me, but then i am a lot slower!)a lot of your runs should be done just at conversational pace and by effort rather than a set mins per km. At 3km every other day you probably shouldnt worry too much about the pace. When you are into specific training for an event thats when the mins/km becomes more important and then again only for some runs.

    mix up the running a bit, do short tempo runs, longer slow runs and sometimes some intervals. do hills, do flat, and do some kind of offroad if you can. (i dont mean you have to find a scenic route, just not tarmac will do)
    Not that i am any kind of expert image

    although some may be along any minute to agree/disagree


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Keep mixing things up. Change pace, shoes and running surface on a daily basis.

    I should speed up my postings, already said.

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