Hello runners 

I have entered Paris next year and am looking at refuelling options. I used dextrose tablets during my last marathon - but am thinking about using Hero mints due to the caffeine content .

Has anyone tried them out ?  


  • Can anyone explain to me the concept whereby, you are running along, your heart is already pumping at a very high rate and probably close to your maximum heart rate and you think ...... you know what, being close to my maximum heart rate is not enough, I might artificially stimulate it as well just to make sure it really goes into the red zone.

    Maybe Im missing something.


  • Man died after eating Hero Instant Energy Mints, says coroner

    Large amounts of caffeine are not a good idea.

  • Caffeine isn't fuel.

  • ... and therein lies the rub.


  • "Running close to maximum heart rate in a marathon" ?? I think I see a flaw in Mr I's marathon pacing strategy 


  • Ha, if you were as unfit as I am, you would be in that situation......... Im still struggling to equal the 24.10 I set back in April in the Park Run.

    I was out of breath just reaching under the couch for the remote last night.



  • A bit of caffeine might be a good idea - didn't Mo Farah have a couple of coffees before his 10k ?

    There's bugger all energy in the mints though - they're only small so I reckon you'd be better off with a jelly baby.
  • I'd recommend jelly babies as opposed to gels - tastier, but not as easy to carry mind.

  • IIRC the each mint has the same caffeine as a can of Red Bull or similar energy drink.

    I would only need one at the start and then rely on jelly babies/gels etc along with water or sports drink for the rest of the race.

  • So how many jelly babies do people use and how often.....I'm upping my miles at the moment from a long of 15k, so will need to look at fueling in the next month or two and wanted to try them. Anyone suggest how many and when?

  • I have used jelly babies at about 2-3 every 30 minutes for me after an hour. But you need to experiment to find out what suits you and whether any other chewy sweets are better than jelly babies.

  • So  has anyone tried them out ?

    Cougie - thank you yes Mo Farah had 2 expressos before his olympic 10K. There does seem to be some scientific research that  confirms the posiitve impact of caffiene on sports performance  - hence my original question . 

    I have tried gels out and find them really difficult to digest   - any other suggestions welcome .

  • for those who struggle with gels.have you treied the isogels that already are mixed so you don't need to take water on.........they are 60ml instead of 30 ml and i find them musch easier to handle


  • You could just buy some caffeine tablets from myprotein (.com? .co.uk?)

    I always pop a couple when I'm racing; supposed to promote fat-burning and reduce rate of perceived exertion, I believe. They certainly work for me, anyway...

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