Core Training App

Does anyone use an App and if so which would you recommend and why.

Only just started doing core work and whist I do it three or four nights a week I do not have a specific exercise or plan that I do.

Would be nice to be able to monitor my efforts to see the improvements.


  • Stick reps into a spreadsheet and increase weights over time ;0

    I've done my first play with kettlebells and i'm going to do same thing 3 times a week for a couple of weeks then up the reps from 3 x to 4 x then another couple of weeks up to 5 x and then once i'm up to there change the weights up :0 If I track it at all it will just be in a spreadsheet showing i've done x so store that in the cloud and can update whenever it's easiest.  Can make comments about how hard / easy it seemed so over time if what is hard becomes easy... i know i'm getting somewhere.

  • Ah the famous cloud, probably easiest to do that actually yes.


  • OK an internet based server.  Don't get me started, but it is just a darn sight easier to say cloud, but so many services aren't actually cloud services, buy our cloud service... oh you mean host our virtual server in your data centre why didn't you say so in the first place.

  • Check out booktrunk being all technical.


  • poor booktrunk, she has running fever as she's injured and I heard her new kettleballs make nice dents in the wallsimage

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