Calf niggle won't go away

Hello all.i have a calf niggle that won't go away.whenever I run it comes may be after 1 mile or 6 miles.its not painful but can get a bit uncomfortable and can't seem to shake it off.have had it now about 4 weeks maybe more.i ran a short run today after 5 days off as ran a hm last Sunday but it came back again.what do I do to get rid of this I take 4/5 weeks off running or is there anything else I can do.would appreciate some advice


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with this, but have you thought why it is bothering you in the first place? Not all calves were created equal and you need to understand why yours is giving you bother.  

  • I just think it's wear and tear from running as I have done a lot this year so maybe I need a comes and goes so hopefully a few weeks off will help get rid of it

  • You answered it yourself... A whole 5 days off isn't enough is it image

  • Just a thought, is it just one calf? My right calf has been playing up a bit and have decided it's because of the camber on the edge of the road (mainly single track). A calf sleeve and running further over and sometimes on the 'wrong' side of the road seems to have helped.

  • Yeah it's just the 1 left 1.i run in the road.i just think my legs need a good few weeks off and hopefully they will be ok.not been able to run is frustrating but it's worth it if I can get it better
  • It might just be a tight calf muscle. Does stretching it help? Are your calves tight? Rest is not always the answer in such cases.

  • A calf strain would be a sharp pain. This sounds more like a tight calf.

  • Stretching doesn't help that much though I will do more calf exercises.its not painful to be honest just a niggle.its not tight either,it just feels a bit weak when I run 4 miles or more

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