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  • Is there much navigation involved/needed in trail marathons or is it all pretty well sign posted?

  • Evening all,

    Having read back on this year's reports it has made me envious so I have decided to give it a go in 2014, well, staff permitting, one problem though, I might have to have a quick shower and go in the kitchen to feed you lot after. lol

    T Rex, I am going for a 4:30.

    It was great to see you all again and thank you all for the kind messages.

  • Then put me down for 4:29:59 and a coffee walnut cake.
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    And in Dublin?  image

    EnduranceLife trail marathons are extremely well waymarked.  They even have cross signs on posts put on paths that are not the route.  You can't go wrong.  I've never so much signage.

    Most have written route directions or a map that you need to carry.  Some have signage just for the first few miles and the last few, leaving a large mystery section in the middle.  Some have just a few selected waymarks at the most difficult navigational points.  The Brecon Beacons event I did in Sep had no waymarks at all.

  • My goodness me... The 2014 thread is up and certainly running! 4 pages of sheer excitement about this amazing race. I loved it this year and am definitely coming back to give it a proper go. So much so that im actually considering giving ultras a rest in 2014 and committing myself 100% to marathon training to see what I can really do. This race is so special that I think it deserves such an approach (take note BritNick). So put me down TRex for a 3:05 (4th SNOD)

    I posted the link to my 2013 race report on the 'old' thread so here it is

    JD - did I read right that you have already booked accommodation for 2014? What did you opt for?

    ALL - I (and Trex) stayed in a big house (Halford Hill) on the high street just up from Petes Eats. It can accommodate around 12 people. I was thinking of booking it for SNOD forumites!! Who would be interested? It only cost us ??40 each for 3 nights this year!
  • And thanks SO MUCH to snowdonia snail for going above and beyond the call of duty and looking after us all so well. Great food and those Chai Latte's were AMAZING image
  • Thank you once again T-Rex.  I definitely want to start getting into the trail side of things. The parts I enjoyed most on SNOD where the trail type sections.

    I'm doing a few gentle recovery runs this week, and then training will start for the Thames Trot in Feb, so that should be a good intro to all things trail

  • Can anyone else see their photos on F***** Rubbish website and sky high prices to boot!!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    just looked at mine uds, not impressed with price and I know they have to have their copyright but I cant even see if I like it!

    Just have to say I definitely want to go back I loved it even though I am so so shattered still.

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • TRex & LE - Trail Marathon Wales is June 21st.  No nav skills needed at all thank goodness.

    UDS - good report

    Not sure i'm liking this clock changing - last week i could just fit in a run after work with just the last little bit in the nearly dark.  Now it's nearly dark when i get home and all my run is in the dark.image

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

     'The parts I enjoyed most on SNOD where the trail type sections.'

    Oh,no!  You don't know where saying that is going to lead you.  Long Distance Paths and 24-hour races beckon ...

    When I entered my first race, the London marathon in 1999, I never dreamt then I would be doing 100-milers and I've got two booked for next May alone!

    BritNick - I have now registered for Valleys 100 and have to see if I get in in the ballot. btw the route doesn't go onto the pathless ridge of Coity Mountain after all.  Looks a superb route and what an amazingly well organised event it's looking to be.  Runners at 1400 start.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Stu - I'd be interested.  Another w/e which proved it wasn't ideal camping weather!!  Did those keys turn up?


    Probably have to book it early.  Website says sleeps 16? 

  • Chrissi - Sadly, the bulk of next year is written off for me due to work commitments.

    T-Rex, I fear that may well be the case. Bring it on.

  • Agree about Endurance Life signage - excellent all the way round.  I've earmarked three for next year...

    Haven't yet ventured into 100-milers, T Rex - saving those for when I don't feel dead after 50s, but gven how my running obsession seems to be progressing it's probably inevitable at some point!!! You, Fellrunner, Luna Man, Collie Dave, Steve Zodiac and Nurse Gladys have a lot to answer for image

  • Trex - great. If I can convince other SNODers on here to commit to staying then we would ALL save a heap on money on b&b prices. Perhaps we can mark on 'the list' those that want to stay in the forumite house (kinda like the BB house but for people with brains (arguablyimage
  • Hello chums,sitting in Pete's Eats catching up on the gods here! It is very wet and windy in Llanberis but a 20 mile training run completed.Taper time now for marathon on Saturday-The Spooky Halloween Challenge.Starts a 4pm,headtorches required! Stu,cant read your blog on phone but gather you had a stormer,you were very quiet about that on Sat eve!

  • T Rex wrote (see)

    *Frodo*!  At last, the real hobbit.  How have you been?

    Lurk no more - you're going on the list.


    We're good, thanks. It's been a long year out for me, and I've missed being out and about so much!

    Don't know what's going to be possible for me, yet - got an eye on SNOD, Giants Head Marathon in June and the Ox ultra in August. But it'll all depend on what life is like with the new Littlest Hobbit. We got out for a five mile walk along the Trans Pennine Way today - turns out off-roading with a pram and dog might lead to a few TRex-ish tales. Turns out stiles are a bit challenging. Who knew?!image

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    I'm in for the house Stu. Good report, tried leaving a message but failed.

    SS, thanks again for the Pantri at the weekend.

    Saw the photo's on website, saw the prices. Err, no thank-you. 

    Ultra's are the way to go, that way you can look at SNOD as just a sprint......image 

    In a conversation today with another runner at work I said that I won't be running for a couple of weeks ( tear not too bad luckily ) and then just light jogging, increasing as it gets stronger and that I have a race booked in 4 weeks time that I'll just jog round, and I heard myself genuinely saying ' as it's only a HM '. Really? If a HM in my head is a no problem, knock it out any day distance, then I really should start looking at things like TR24, just to see what I can get out of me in an environment where I only have a max of 5k to get to the end. If I can do distance there, 60m +?, maybe I'll have the confidence to do some of the other ultra's? I did a 40 miler 18 months ago which wasn't much of a problem though didn't push the pace as I hadn't a clue how I'd react. 

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • ss, came to see you today but you had closed..had to go to rival for a panad. Chimney,Tr24 sold out!

  • Stu, I'm a definite for group SNOD house next year, so put me down (on the list). Are you taking responsibility for booking it?

    I hear you about training properly for SNOD. I might just squeeze a 3:59 if I did. Because I enjoyed the short sharp fell races so much this year I'm thinking more of the same next year, and fewer Ultras. If I can keep up the fell racing closer to SNOD, that 3:59 might just be mine. Believe it or not with all the shorter races this year I'm up to 75 races, and counting.

    Snowdonia Snail, WOO-HOO! We'll be seeing you IN the race next year. I like your style with a race time prediction for T Rex's list already.

    brer rabbit, you still in Llanberis? Lucky you. It must be quiet compared to SNOD weekend.

    T Rex, I registered my interest for the Valleys 100 as well. If I get in it will be my 11th LDWA 100 and 19th in total (if I don't slip in a cheeky one between now and then).

  • Hi ladies and gents, having done 3 marathons, (Chester, London and Berlin) am going to take the plunge and enter Snowdon next year.  Having watched it on S4C past couple of years and followed the thread for this year's race am very excited and going to enter in the New Year.

    Live in the Stockport area, so there's no shortage of hills to run on, as I can imagine that hill at 23 m (?) is a killer especially where that's where I start to cry and tell myself "one more parkrun to go".

    Couple things I wanted to ask.  Are road shoes ok for the run .? Also I normally do marathons with my water belt and 5 gels.  Would you run with this or are the fuel stops nicely packed ?

    Marathon PB is 3.47, so I reckon 4.20 odd ?  Can't wait for the madness to start. 



  • Sir J-a-L, if you're from these parts (I'm from Stockport too), the hills shouldn't bother you, as long as you've trained on them.

    Road shoes are OK for the majority but I always go for trail shoes for the added assurance of grip on the final descent. It's marginal, though. Long-term comfort for you is most important. If road shoes give you that, wear road shoes.

    For sustenance I always go prepared with my own supplies and treat aid station supplies as a bonus. That way you'll never be left in the lurch.

    If your marathon PB is 3:47 and you enter SNOD as well trained and used to the hills, sub 4 should be your target. My PB is 3:57 on a flat-ish marathon and I've run 4:00 at SNOD.

  • Another Stockport boy here (though lived in Orkney for past 25 years!)

  • You doing Stockport 10 Britnick ? 

  • Originally from Neath in South Wales, but been oop North for over 10 years. Got the hills but miss the sea. Do like the Northerners, lot like us Taffs

  • Yes, I'm in for Stockport 10.

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Oh well Brer, I'll look for something else image

    Sir J a L - For me roadies are the way to go, but I train off road with them as well so quite happy on mud, for some reason I only generally wear offies in races, though that may well change now I'm across the othe side of the hills from you.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    BritNick - 75 races so far this year?  Incredible.  Does that include the two races you did at the same time as one or two?

    Sir John a Lot - I think most folks go with road shoes for this one.  Interesting to note that the barefoot runner upgraded to flip-flops this year.

    *Frodo* - image  I'd forgotten about your little hobbit.  As soon as there is head control in the baby carrier rucksack with him or her.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    The potential 'SNOD House's rooms are 3 doubles, 2 twin, and 2 3-bed (singles) which I think adds up to 16. Six of us are going to need to know each other quite well ...

    • UD Stu
    • T Rex
    • BritNick
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Oops, not done deliberately:

    SNOD House

    • UD Stu
    • T Rex
    • BritNick
    • Chimney
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