Pain in the arse!

Last year a suffered an injury, that caused pain in my left buttock. It feels like a sciatic pain, however it's not constant. Worse when I bend and stretch it. It took 8wks before I could run any distance again. I have just returned from a 5 me run and the symptoms have returned. Can anyone help with ideas of what the problem is, and how to avoid it. And yes I do warm up and warm down!! Thanks


  • It sound like piriformis syndrome.

    I've had it and found stretching helped. I know people who swear by foam rollers, but that is something I haven't tried.

  • Could also be the upper attachments of the hamstring - is it worse during a run or after?  Tendons problems seem to hurt less when warmed up and return with a vengeance when cooled off.  Did it arrive suddenly or build up gradually?

  • Thanks for the advise. It seems to twinge when running, however when I finish and about an hour post run it's at it's worse. Any perticular stretches to suggest? Thanks
  • Andy I suffered with piriformis syndrome last year and I must say your pain sounds similar, but I would get checked out by a doctors or sports physio to be sure, I had to have an MRI to find my problem, some of the exercises for piriformis would not do you any good if you have hamstring injury.

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