Hi, I've been running for a few years in the Nike Pegasus range with non-custom orthotic insoles as I have fallen arches. I'm considering more xc and/or track running so thinking about spikes. Are there any decent neutral spikes that allow you to insert a custom insole? Or any with high arch support?


  • From my very limited experience all spikes are neutral. They're just a layer of plastic with a nod to comfort.

    If you get on with Nike runners then try some Nike spikes. I have a pair of ASICS XC spikes after years of running in ASICS road/XC shoes.

  • Ironcat is right in that all spikes are neutral, the only difference really are between track and xc spikes although even those are interchangable. As spikes are designed to be very close fitting and super light you would have a hard time getting any sort of insole in there. Your best bet would be to try on a few different brands and models and just go with whichever feels best on your foot; some may feel more supportive just because of the shape of the sole and shoe as they may be more angled inside. If you're running xc though there is little need for support as your stridfe will be all over the place anyway due to the uneven terrain; a snug comfortable fit and grip are the main factors here.

  • babyhermes is right - if you're doing xc races actual xc spikes will be much better as they support the foot and ankle on uneven terrain and the spike bed is more suited to the longer xc spikes which are up to 15mm for very muddy conditions!

    I love Saucony Killkenney or the adidas XCS ranges cause they have good heel and arch support but are still very lightweight. If you need a lot of support though the adidas adiZero trail shoes are amazing for something thats half-way between a lightweight racer and a supportive trainer.

    If you're planning on doing a track race there's much more variety so it depends what distance you're doing as 800m needs different things to say a 10,000m. If you're not a toe runner though, a very light pair of racers might be more suitable.

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